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That's probably where I got mixed up. And yes, that is a bit interesting, it seems that there are constant fire and ice/cold comparisons to the Dwarves in Eye of the North.

Cold stone Dwarves vs fire stone Destroyers
in Sepluchre of Dragrimmar, near the anvil is lava next to the ice
What you stated
And there are others as well - I think.

-also note, the Hammer of the Great Dwarf is guarded by Cyndr and lots of fire elementals-
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Depths of Tyria are known to be inhabited by Deldrimor Dwarves and Asura so their ancestors might have built it. Also, The Depths of Tyria were first hinted at by Moleneaux so that might be a clue. Moleneaux is a Dredge who is getting tired of slavery and fighting and wants to live a more peaceful life. He tells that the Dredge were held as slaves by the Stone Summit in Sorrow's Furnace and they tried to escape by digging a tunnel to the other side of the world. However instead of finding peace they soon came into conflict with the Kurzicks who saw the Dredge as trespassers in their territory.
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