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Well the Scepter of Orr was one of many things that was not cleared up in EotN. So i would guess that the appearence of it at the end was just giving us clarification that it is indeed still around, despite its mysterious disappearence at the end of Prophecies and it could be jumping back into the story in the future.
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Here's a quote from one the NPCs at Hell's Precipice;

"Before the Searing, he was advisor to the King of Orr in all matters arcane. When the Charr reached the borders of Orr, the Vizier delved into the sacred tombs beneath Arah, the City of the Gods. There he found and unfurled the forbidden scrolls. Reading the dark magic upon it, he managed to turn back the Charr invasion, but at great cost. The resulting explosion sank Orr into the sea and transformed the Vizier from a being of flesh and bone into an undying lich, made of ichor and decay."
The Cataclysm magic turned him into the Lich, not the scepter.

That said, I can't really see how the scepter could be put to good use, considering that most of the Titans are dead or inaccessible after the Door of Komalie was closed and Abbadon's realm was given to Kormir.
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Also - Livia couldn't have hired Zinn. I can confidently testify that she never left my sight, she was with me the whole time.

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