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Originally Posted by draxynnic View Post
As for the Norn - I don't think the Norn consider humans weak per se, at least not more so than any other member of a non-Norn race. Instead, it's the human social structure they distrust.

Interestingly, it does seem, reading between the lines, that the Norn do realise that other races aren't as individualistic as they, so they do allow their perception of a ruler to influence their thinking, but their first instinct probably remains to judge members of a race as individuals rather than as a race or nation.
Looking specifically at this line:

Originally Posted by The Movement of the World
The Norn have also kept ties with their human friends, although those ties are not as close as they once were for the Norn often felt betrayed by their unpredictable human allies. In recent years, that sense of betrayal has deepened, as the Norn do not trust the Krytan queen.

The queen is seen by members of this independent race as being too dependent on her advisers, too unwilling to act on her own as a hero must. Although relations have grown colder, the Norn hold out hope that the Krytan queen will prove herself by dominating her race, or that someone else will rise from among the humans to show them what it means to be strong.
This tells me that the Norn respect humans as a whole - mainly due to the Ebon Vanguard/our heroes. But they do not respect the form of government the humans have, and dislike the queen of Kryta.
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Aye. It seems that the Norn have realised that other races do band together under leaders rather than doing all their fighting as individual heroes as the Norn do. However, while they don't necessarily expect every member of a different race to be a hero, they do expect it of the leaders - and they expect those leaders to be making the decisions themselves.

In the Charr, this is self-evident. While the Charr do care about bloodlines, a descendant of the Khan-Ur still needs to prove themselves before gaining any respect among the Charr - however, one that does becomes the sole leader of their unit. Thus the Charr leaders fulfill the requirements to be a 'hero' through the eyes of the Norn.

Humans, however, have the quaint little customs of choosing their leadership purely by bloodline regardless of the suitability of the candidate. Now, while we don't know yet whether the Krytan queen is really as weak as the Norn think or whether it's just that other quaint little human custom of consulting with one's subordinates rather than acting decisively on one's own as the Norn expect, when the Norn look at the Krytan queen, they do not see a hero.
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