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Default Rata Sum Discussion

I'm relatively new to GWG, (used for a while a year or two ago, but my old account it seems is gone,) and I've found the Druid's Overlook forum fascinating, because I'm getting more into the lore as of late. I'm no expert, nor am I a researcher, but I am interested. I've found Rata Sum very interesting, and through the forum search function, I couldn't find any threads on it. Forgive me for the following stream of thoughts here, as they're all coming to me as I write this.

The Asura seemed to have settled into ruins, yet we don't know who built them. The only civilization I know of that lived far back in "deep jungle" in Kryta are Mursaat. Rata Sum is an anagram of "Mursaat." The Mursaat seem to usually build shiny, dark structures. These are light, earthy, stone ruins. We also know little about the past between the Mursaat and the Seers. Maybe this was some outpost or temporary capital during the war that it's implied happened between the two? Perhaps it was built by past worshippers of the Mursaat?

Those are just the thoughts that flashed through my mind a second ago.
So I ask you, the people more well-traveled in the area of lore:
  • What do we know about Rata Sum?
  • What are theories behind its creation?
  • Why are so many things floating up in the air in this area? Magus Stones has floating earth, and Riven Earth even has a bridge formed from floating earth. If Asuran magical generators (dotted throughout the town) are powered by sucking (assuming magical) energy out of the air, what keeps these sections of rock and soil up in the air? There seems to be (or there was) a huge magical presence in the area, also explaining the appearance of Wind Riders, as discussed in another thread.

Another thought: If it's possible that it was inhabited by Mursaat or Seers during the (implied) war between them however long ago, could there have been some huge magical disaster that left the magical footprint, almost like radiation? (as discussed in the same thread as the Wind Riders?)

Discuss (or call me a noob/link to a past thread if this has been discussed.)
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There are no threads on just Rata Sum. However, the Tarnished Coast ruins does have a thread.

As this thread is actually on the ruins as a whole, with Rata Sum as a (in lore tense) poor support, I'll just close and link.

Observations from the Tarnished Coast.
The Krait. Savage by Nature or Savage by Reason?

The first is more on the ruins, but the second has more discussion on the concept of the Mursaat controlling the ruins than the first.

Please only use the second as a reference for past points, and continue discussion in the first thread.

As for the floating objects, look here: A Theory on Water's Magical Conductivity and the Floating Structures. for a theory on that.
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