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Default New GvG/HA Henchmen Quotes

The new GvG/HA henchmen have a few quotes when you talk to them. Mostly its just banter. The GvG Derv henchmen gives a lore discussion about the closing of HB being done by the Zaishen.

But the Curses GvG Henchmen definitely has the most interesting conversation

I've been haunted by my dreams ever since I sailed the waters where Orr once stood. I dream of a dark, rising shadow in the world, and fear the day when that shadow finally swallows the sun.
I think this is clearly a little reference to Zhaitan. The former sailor is now touched by some sorta darkness after sailing over where Zhaitan is. Seems like contact with him causes corruption of sorts just like Drakkar with the Nornbear, only this henchman probablly wasn't exposed for long enough/close enough for more to happen.
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Not only that, he has an undeadish look to him.
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^ Lol'd^
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Don't forget Blahks:

Originally Posted by Blahks
Have you ever been to the Hall of Heroes before? I'm told that, within the Rift, the light of the sun does not reach. Instead, the hall is graced with an unearthly, primal light that cannot be described with words.
That is more interesting to me.
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Originally Posted by Papalopopudoculous View Post
lmao, that is awesome. wow, now i'm going to have to go around reading all the henchmen quotes.
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Originally Posted by Papalopopudoculous View Post
Haha, that's awesome. xD
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I know this is off-topic but am I the only one who facepalmed really hard upon looking at Suzu?

On a more ontopic note, anyone noticed how Ghavin manage to give a completely useless but completely sensible peice of lore:
"The noon tide around the Battle Isles is a rough one. If you plan to travel to any of other islands, I suggest waiting until evening. I still feel like my feet are rocking back and forth.

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