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Default The Mists and Planetary Formation.

A brief introduction to the Mists.

Originally Posted by The Manuscripts
Before there were humans or dwarves, before there were even worlds or the stars that light the night sky, there was but one thing in the universe—the Mists. The Mists touch all things. They are what binds the universe together, past present, and future. They are the source of all good and evil, of all matter and knowledge. It is said that all forms of life, no matter how simple or complex, can trace their origins back to this one place.
Originally Posted by The Manuscripts
The protomatter that makes up the Mists strains toward creation, often spawning demonic creations in nightmarish forms. Not all creatures from the Mists are demonic, however. When the Mists come into contact with a suitable human template, for example, it can copy that form, creating a sentient entity with a humanoid appearance and an almost human mind.
An overview of planetary formation.

In our universe, this is a (poorly done) diagram of star formation and the, sometimes, resulting planetary formation. I'll explain the process as I understand it below, and any astronomers or astrophysicists better versed in it can correct me on any points as they see fit. Skipping over the Big Bang area, stars form from interstellar clouds called nebula, which are clouds of various materials, dust, gas, that sort of stuff. As time proceeds, these materials begin to clump together due to gravity, as shown in the second image, eventually getting to the point of a protostellar core surrounded by an accretion disk, which is a ring of materials that are attracted to the core due to gravity, and make it into a protostar, shown in the third, fourth, and fifth images. During the formation of a protostar, as the materials collapse into themselves forming, well, the protostar and its core, but, as this occurs, bipolar outflows begin from the collapsing materials, basically, jettisoning some of the materials, with whatever is left existing in the accretion disk and forming part of the protostar.

At any rate, eventually the protostar may become a star like our own, once nuclear fusion initiates in its core, producing the outward forces that maintain its spherical form and the ultraviolet light and heat that we are quite familiar with. After the accretion phase ceases, that is, the buildup of the star via surrounding materials, and the bipolar outflows cease, there is yet another disk of materials left around the star. These materials may or will become planets around the end of the star's formation, and whatever is left after that will just be interstellar debris such as asteroids and comets and the like.

Why on Tyria this matters.

The reason for the previous explanation is simple. The Mists are much unlike the materials in our universe, they actually strain towards creation and can copy existing creatures to make a somewhat similar creature. Now, one could say that this is in fact a very interesting similarity with our universe due to floating materials forming into stars and planets and, given the right circumstances, life, but this is rather not the case. In our case, gravity is God. It is because of gravity that the materials clump together and form stars and planets. However, Tyria also displays this characteristic, as when a character jumps or an arrow is shot, it always comes down, thus gravity is not the only crafter in our game of existence.

In our universe, cores are either hot and liquid, or solid. This is essentially due to a variety of factors that I can only speculate on due to my lack of knowledge in the matter, but I would imagine it's due to the high amount of pressure and gravity involved. Now, this may also, and probably is, due to the materials that play a part in the planet's composition, which leads me into my next point.

At the very start, we have an intriguing description that I think is essential to our understanding of Tyria's universe, the protomatter of the Mists. The very definition of Proto is:

Originally Posted by
A combining form meaning “first,” “foremost,” “earliest form of,” used in the formation of compound words (protomartyr; protolithic; protoplasm).
This goes in line with our understanding from the Prophecies Manuscripts, that is, the Mists being the origin of all things. Yet this may also imply that the Mists is not exactly matter, in other words, a ghost matter, likely the ether that was proposed in our own universe as a cosmological constant. This drastically changes things if this is the case, and due to its properties, may also affect the formation of the planets and the stars in some manner. Another way of saying this is, if you're well versed in the old theories surrounding ether or aether, then please, if you can think of anything that may be relevant, feel free to posit it, as I am only mildly versed in the etheric universe models.

Attempting to understand the properties of the Mists.

Let us accept, for the sake of discussion, that the Mists have formed matter in its forms as we know them in our own universe. These are, solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. As such, we have the appropriate materials to form a universe similar to our own. Let also accept the basic forces existing as we know them in our universe, these being, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, weak nuclear, and gravitational forces. Again, these permit us the forces to form a universe similar to our own, assuming our understanding of our universe is correct.

Now, the only wrench in the gears so far then, is the Mists. We have very little understanding of them as a whole, but we might be able to speculate that they interact with the forces of gravity and electromagnetism. I say gravity due in part towards its characteristic of straining towards creation, and electromagnetism due to its apparent ghostly nature and the descriptions of it pervading all things and its ability to bind together everything, past, present, and future. In the case of electromagnetism, it could simply be another wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, and may explain the peculiar comments of Asura and some Ritualists.

For example:

Originally Posted by Kerrsh
I believe I see the gears of the Eternal Alchemy spinning before me. I feel I can almost reach out and turn them with my hands.
Originally Posted by Kerrsh
The wavelength patterns here are clearly different from the first cipher. But what does it mean? Perhaps the answer lies in that which is alike, or that which is different. I require more ciphers before it will become clear.
Originally Posted by Kerrsh
The Divination will make an impression of the signature from the energy released.
Originally Posted by Kerrsh
What's that you ask? How does the Divination work? It's nothing elaborate. It interprets the frequencies inherent in divine energies, and...why am I explaining this to you?
Originally Posted by Kerrsh
I am beginning to understand. There are so many pieces, so many variables, no wonder I haven't seen this before. These ciphers were the strings on the harp of the Eternal Alchemy itself. If only I could pluck them with my fingers. We are nearly there, friend.
Originally Posted by Headmaster Quinn
I have felt a great disturbance along the spirit threads. The spirits tell me that someone has allowed a demon to cross into the material realm.
Originally Posted by Jakimo
I was trying an advanced spirit-binding ritual; I know I should not have attempted it, I have not the skill...but I felt an intense surge along the spirit threads unlike anything I have ever felt before, and I think it had little to do with my poor skill. It was a powerful evil, and its presence was enough to bring the spirit I was binding into the material realm, where it has been running amok ever since!
This may hint at Ritualists having a heightened sense of the Mists, with the best being blind, as their body compensates not only with their natural senses being better, but their sense of the Mists being naturally better. Of course, the sense of the Mists may in and of itself be a natural sense to inhabitants of Tyria's universe, but for the sake of description, I will distinguish that sense from the natural senses.

In the Asura, it may be an inherent adaptation that all of them are highly adept at seeing the Mists, thus leading to their more advanced comprehension of its nature. The size of their eyes may not be only due to the darkness, but to permit them to see the otherwise invisible, or near invisible, wavelength of the Mists radiation, assuming it is similar to electromagnetic radiation.

Another reason I propose it being affected by electromagnetism is the ability to replicate something after it comes into contact with a suitable template. When visible light hits us, some of it is absorbed and the rest bounces off, and if we happen to be in front of a mirror, we can see an exact image of ourselves in it because of the light that bounces off us, hits it, bounces off, and our eyes receive the light and our brain translates the image into something sensible. I think I'm poorly explaining this, but basically, we see objects because of the light that bounces off of them, and we see ourselves in mirrors due to light bouncing off ourselves, being refracted by the mirror, then going into our eyes and our brains process it to see what we see.

Anyway, the point is, the Mists appears to have an intriguing property akin to that of a mirror, but actually being able to, almost precisely, replicate what it reflects, right down to the mental level, in a three dimensional, physical, form. What may be proceeding here may occur on the quantum or atomic level, in that the photons that bounce off of whatever is being reflected or just in general and pass through the Mists, during which, if there is a large enough amount of the Mists present, or the reflection is accurate enough, the Mists may begin replicating the object or individual in some manner as it soaks in the data received from the photons.

However, this would seem to be a rare case, as we've only interacted with one such product in the form of Razah. So, what does this mean? Does this mean that only humans have come into contact with the Mists? Does this suggest that for some reason, the Mists are attracted to the human form? I think this may imply that Odran was in fact a human, and in his explorations, came into contact with the Mists themselves, perhaps unwittingly as he went from place to place. As otherwise, the Mists should be making near precise duplicates of all creatures, I think, and to some extent, it appears to have done so, except in the form of demons. Although this latter case is unclear as to whether or not it was simply tampering on the part of their formation by Abaddon. The first and foremost example of this that comes to mind is the Spear of Torment and its similarity to Centaurs.


A core of Mist.

This is where things get even mistier, unfortunately, as what if planets do in fact contain parts of the Mists themselves in their cores, alongside the natural matter itself? Such as magma or solid rock. I have several thoughts in relation to this that may further our comprehension of the matter at hand. The first scenario is a barren world with the right composition for life, and a liquid core with the Mists. This is due to several basic factors, one of which being the magnetic field produced by the core that helps repel some of the local star's radiation, if I'm not mistaken. The second is, Tyria has life, thus it simply makes more sense to ponder on the effects of a Mists core in relation to a world with the right composition for life. These set aside, here are my several proposed models.

Model 1, depicts normal life forms and the Mists core's effects on the planet.

I suspect, that, much like the core produces a magnetic field around a planet, the Mists core produces another field, protecting the world from random interaction with the Mists, producing duplicates of species that formed on the planet, and demon appearances. Of course, I imagine there are weak points in this Mists field that permit demons to slip through, either naturally formed or artificially created, from on the planet itself, or within the Mists itself. On this sort of planet, magic would not exist, due to the balanced Mists field, and the equal distribution of the Mists energy from the core in every living specimen. In other words, this would be a world similar to our own, except that souls would definitively exist, as the Mists energy distributed in every organism is its soul of sorts.

This is supported with plants through the flora in Tyria having some level of intelligence and the Pale Tree from which the Sylvari were born.

Model 2, depicts abnormal life forms and the Mists core's effects on the planet.

This appears to be Tyria's scenario, prior to the Gods arrival. You still have the Mists field, but the irregularity lies in the existence of creatures that feed off the Mists within the core of the world. I suspect that life may form on a planet even with a depleted level of Mists within, but, I think it is hindered greatly by this lessened amount. Technically, it's even a mistake to say it's lessened or depleted, as in reality, it is simply refocused. These creatures, in Tyria's case, seem to be the Elder Dragons themselves, and the only hint at this is the descriptions of their interactions with Tyria prior to and after their awakening. That is, their breathing life into the elements themselves, twisting land into minions and water into tentacled horrors.

This coincides with the general information on the Mists straining towards creation, and in the case of life's formation, advanced evolution, possibly explaining complex life forms on an otherwise young planet.

Model 3, a world artificially created or altered by external forces.

This is present world Tyria, excluding the Elder Dragons due to lack of thought of them at the time of this model's creation. The Mists field has been compromised in this case, through some intervention of the Gods. After the Elder Dragons went into slumber, I suspect the world went into a Model 1 state for a time, life forming, slowly, still at a much faster rate than we observe in our universe, and eventually came to the point we see it today. Magic may have existed in these earlier times, but to a very small extent, and it was likely that being emitted from the Elder Dragon's overabundance, if it did. However, it may also have been simply the intelligence of the races of the planet that permitted them to tap into the Mists, allowing them a basic knowledge and usage of magic, as seen in the case of Ritualists' works, and, as we may learn more of the Asura, their works,

What happened after the Gods arrival, however, was messing everything up. Quite literally. I suspect their gift of magic was, in fact, a violation of the Mists field, introducing the Mists almost directly with the world of Tyria itself. With this made possible, every creature could use an unlimited amount of magic to whatever extent they were capable. The Gods, perhaps unwittingly, recreated themselves in the races of Tyria for a brief time, and all Hell broke free. We all, hopefully, know how this turned out by now.

The Gods, as their final act, did a great favor for the world, where they poked holes in the Mists field, they seem to have patched it up via the Bloodstones. However, much, much more damage had been done than they could have possibly imagined. Whereas in the Prophecies Manuscripts it says:

Originally Posted by Prophecies Manuscripts
As their final act, the gods gathered back their gift of magic from all the races and trapped it inside a tall stone.
I don't think the Gods could withdraw the gift, even if they truly wanted to. No, I think the Mists that were permitted through the Mists field as part of their violations remained between the Mists field and Tyria, possibly creating strange new creatures, or, perhaps, giving some unknown creatures the energy they needed to awaken, or some unknown God the threshold he needed to interact with the world. In these two cases, I believe the remnant Mists were utilized in one case unconsciously, and in the other, very consciously, and very meticulously. In the latter, I believe Abaddon used this to help bring about Nightfall, with the rituals Varesh did simply weakening the Mists field that one bit more he needed to bring it about.

In the unconscious case, I suspect that the Elder Dragons have slowly been absorbing the remnant Mists into themselves, much like they may have absorbed the Mists within the Mists core of Tyria. This explains why they radiate magic as they do, despite the abundance of life focusing the Mists core's energies in the living specimens. The Elder Dragons have absorbed as much as they can from the Mists core, and exhausted it on to the world advancing the formation of other life, but, when Abaddon brought about the Jade Wind, Searing, and Cataclysm, and the Gods broke through the Mists field, all of these reintroduced a large amount of the Mists energy inherent in the core in one form or the other. In the case of the disasters, the sudden abundance of souls in Tyria could not possibly have been managed entirely, and there were likely cases where the souls dissipated back into the Mists core, being absorbed the Elder Dragons. In the other scenario, I've already explained my thoughts.

In summation.

This is my current hypothesis on the properties and effects on planetary formation of the Mists. That is, the Mists, regardless of being protomatter, are affected by gravity and thus are integrated into a planet or star's composition in some manner, and may actually be seen to some extent, implying, possibly, a very mild electromagnetic emission of sorts, much like seen in determining material compositions via spectrometers. Likewise, this Mists core may generate a Mists field, in much the way an ordinary liquid core generates a magnetic field.

Alongside this, the Mists core emits energy that, as a property of the Mists itself towards creation, advances the evolution of life forms on a planet, albeit possibly with some abnormalities in the process.These abnormalities being creatures such as the Elder Dragons, which actually draw from the Mists core's energy, hindering the otherwise hastened evolution of other organisms. However, given a large enough Mists core, this could easily not be the case, I suspect. Nevertheless, intervention with this energy can produce unpleasant consequences, seen in the case of the Gods arrival and possible violation of the Mists field, permitting an overflow of the Mists around Tyria creating disastrous results. Although a sudden thought is that it may also be possible that the divergence of souls to an afterlife may have also affected this, as an additional aspect of this hypothesis is that the souls ordinarily return to the Mists core, so that new life may be produced.
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Dude my mind just exploded, nice speculation.
Anyway didn't read it all carefully, i'll do that later.
Also, did you considered planetary formation statues in Nahpui Quarter... some weird gravity there...

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Its a nice theory and those aren't planetary formation statues in Nahpui I don't think...I always thought those were supposed to be the star formations of the four celestial bosses in the mission.
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I would like to emphasize that this is by no means a theory, this is but a hypothesis. It's entirely impossible to test the proposal that the Mists are in some way related to the four forces mentioned and thus are integrated into the planet's composition.
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The real-world physics looks good to my viewpoint. Maybe a few simplifications, but no glaring errors that I noticed.

Regarding aether theories: The aether initially became a serious theory when Maxwell demonstrated that light was an electromagnetic wave and calculated its speed of propogation. At the time, all known waves were waves in some medium - waves in water, sound waves in air, and so on - so the logical conclusion was that there had to be some universal medium throughout the observed universe for the aforementioned electromagnetic waves to propogate through. That's basically it - a mysterious substance that suffuses everything that serves as the medium for electromagnetic phenomena to manifest.

So yes, if the Mists are related in any way to the concept of the aether, then it is very closely bound to electromagnetism - under such a theory, electromagnetic phenomena basically are waves and currents in the Mists.
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