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Default Charr Effigy Innovation

Is there anything pointing to the Charr Effigies being utilized by Charr prior to the Searing other than the fact that they weren't introduced until EOTN? Or are Charr Effigies a rather recent advancement in Charr magic/tech?

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My guess would be a rather recent innovation. Probably to mimic their newer gods. The destroyers have that Inner Fire ability, so the effigies are probably a result of trying to emulate that.
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Old Feb 15, 2010, 02:47 PM // 14:47   #3
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Well, in the Northlands of the pre-searing there are a number of effigies of titans (the Charr's old gods - although these effigies are not on fire nor do they move). It makes sense that once the old gods were proven to be false, they would transfer that same "technology" to making effigies of themselves.
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Tom, the OP means the enemies effigies, the moving ones, not the effigies we see in Prophecies.

As for the OP's question, we don't know - they were introduced in EN, and there's no show of them being used before hand (the only way we would know would be added quests to Prophecies, and Saul's Story/Gwen's Story - the former doesn't exist and the later just has Charr Hunter Beasts). It is possible, but still unknown.

I think they are just a Shaman Caste thing, though this may have changed in the 250 years, as we see them in the second GW2 trailer (though they could be an enemy of the three legions as well).
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