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Default Shining Blade Camp- Lore Fail?

I know the title is a bit deceitful, but tell me guys: Why would the Shining Blade keep a White Mantle weapon rack in their main camp?

Can't they afford to craft their own weapons?
Do they keep it as a sort of a trophy?
If they are weapons stolen from the White Mantle, why didn't they just scratch out the W-M sign from it? They are the S-B sworn enemy after all. And then there is a White Mantle emblem just a few feet away from Princess Salma! :P

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Whether or not they can afford to craft their own weapons, enemies will always tend to steal from each other's supplies in order to weaken them. As for the sign bit, why bother? It's not like others will see it and think "oh, they support the WM" - this is also seen in the Maguuma outposts controlled by the Shining Blade. Then there is the non-lore fact that creating new models on simplistic things is resource wasting.

This is not a "fail" but instead rather explained.
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This could be explained in lore:

Saphir says in the second SBC dialogue that half the recruits served the White Mantle in some way, so they could have brought the gear along with them (it isn't like the Blade have the resources at their disposal that the Mantle have.)

Also, it is much easier to hide a flag than it is to hide a symbol on a weapons rack. what perfect camouflage than to have enemy symbols around your base to deceive them that you are on their side?

And yeah, as Konig said, it is more game resource re-use than lore fail. On the other hand, they could have used resources from elsewhere (Drok's, AC, as 2 examples) but using these could actually be a smart move
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Maybe they just think it looks cool...?
Another explanation could be that they keep it there in case a White Mantle patrol happens to come by. The Shining Blade banner they have hanging could easily be taken down in a few seconds, so the WM symbol could be there so they could fool the patrol into thinking that it is just a supply station of sorts. Then the SB people could use a sneak attack.
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The shining blade as cheap badasses, they lifted the whole rack from the weapon shop. The shopkeeper could only shake his fists.
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