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Personally i dont know if anything is in plan for him. The mursaat took him away, didn't kill him while killing all but the most zealous worshipers. Guess they had some bigger plan with him, perhaps transforming him into something. The pure terror on his face when he is taken makes me wonder if they will succeed.

But anyway, the current War in Kryta questlines may lead to an answer sooner or later, gotta be patient.
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I reckon he was later killed or went mad over what happened - also for someone who played a major role in the white mantles history its weird how when you see the small dialog outside toa between the priests and mantle - the priest says they are protected by special interdict ( or something ) and the white mantle disregard it.Could that mean he is dead and they know it ? Surely if he was alive they would not disregard something that he gave permission for - ie toa temple protection.
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The mantle's zeal is about the Unseen ones, not Saul. He may be a saint, but not a god in their eyes, and the charr invasion was long ago. The priorities shifted to rooting out every possible threat to the mantle.

Also when Saul was still around and gave his protection to the ToA, the faith in the new gods was still very young, and was merely a new hope. It may have been just a necessary act so that the people not see the mantle as something that may endanger their way of life.
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Due to the similarity of the threads, I merged them.

Anyways, my thought is that he was killed on a bloodstone and his soul used as fodder for the soul batteries.
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