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Default Joko and Thorn

During the last halloween we helped Mad King Thorn to return to our world (it has not returned yet, but it seems it will), going against Palawa Joko. I was looking for the history of Mad King Thorn, but did not see too much. What can you tell me about the relationship between Thorn and Joko, and what his the true history of Mad King Thorn?

And, are there any speculations on what is going on now, Palawa Joko promised revenge for what we did!

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Palawa Joko.
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As far as I'm aware, we don't know much about Mad King Thorn's history, other than what is covered in the few dialogues and quests.

However, I am desperately hoping that this stupid fight is the reason that Palawa Joko goes so insane and takes over the entirety of Elona in the Movement of the World. It's doubtful that Anet would make this the only reason, but I think he's so insane and egotistical that it wouldn't at all surprise me that this squabble could lead him to conquer and subjugate an entire continent.

Please, Anet, make this huge and devastating event the result of a single silly quest. I'm honestly not being sarcastic. This would be excellent.
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Joko from what i gathered from nf storyline has always been hell bent on taking over what he can of the tyrian world.
Tho some background on him would be quite a good read - hes not a god which made me wonder when he become the undead lord ( my words ) in desolation , reason i wonder is were told dhuum was against any sort of undead and was joko undead before or after dhuums reign.
Thorn we know has issues with dhuum via the halloween quests and just remembered the vabbi part as well ... could thorns queen have also been suitered by joko ? she says she was the pride of vabbi etc.

update - on reading thru wiki on mkt on the discussion part it seems mkt was in power same time as joko and im assuming that apart from the wife we see in nf he may have had more wives from nf or even be based in vabbi and his/joko`s kingdoms were in constant conflict - could even be a case that joko was in the mad kings court ( well joko is mad enough to qualify lol )

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That one quest is all we have on Joko's and Thorn's relations.

Outside quests, Thorn's lore can be found in this thread. It's an old thread and doesn't include lore gained on Thorn from the three quest chains. Which is a significant amount - especially for this year's quests.

As for speculations on the outcome of the quest - see here.

Most discussion on lore has moved over to GW2Guru - been trying to get this forum closed and redirect traffic over there... Lore discussions do not benefit from split groups.
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