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Originally Posted by Reokuma View Post
The Charr aren't Nazis at all if anything in the plot of guild wars the humans are the Nazis. While the humans fight the char to exterminate them and conquer all of Tyria. the Charr fight the humans to reclaim the land that was stolen from them. Ive always seen the char as a collection of native American tribes. The charr were originally detached from religion. It wasn't until the Charr started to worship "gods" that pyre and the warband turned on them to protect their beliefs.
No, they aren't direct analogues, but I think the point that was being made was that being a human prisoner of the charr wasn't really a nice situation to be in. Everything we've seen basically indicates that the fate of a human under the tender mercies of the charr was to be worked until they were considered no longer useful, then killed in a one-sided gladiatorial match, eaten, or both.

Regarding the rest: That might be the charr perspective, but don't be so quick to judge the charr to be the victims of the piece (except of Abaddon's machinations as Xiaquin points out). First, territorial claims dating back a thousand years aren't really a justification for war - imagine if every nation on Earth attempted to retake by force all the territory they'd held at any point in the last millenium. Second, while there is some controversy regarding this, a careful reading of the first section of the Ecology of the Charr gives some indications that the original charr homelands may not actually have included Ascalon, but were conquered from some unknown third party before the human invasion hit.

Certainly, there was no point when the charr weren't the imperialistic war machine they are now (whether 'now' is GW1 or GW2) - the picture seems rather to be one of two expanding empires meeting and one defeating and pushing back the other rather than a single advanced nation pushing the helpless natives off their land. If anyone, that seems to have been the fate of the Grawl.
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sure is a lotta gwen hating on page 1 :O!
IMO Keiran isn't good enough for Gwen! he gave up trying in the end and he's changed his personality to suit gwen. Not that fun for me :C
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