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Default Found something odd but its probably nothing

I was making a list of Rune languages and unique buildings across Tyira when I decided to try something. I wondered what would happen if I took all these things and connected the dots on a map and I found something surprising.

The black lines represent the structures of The Tample of Balthazar, The Temple of Grenth, and Heroes Ascent, all of which share the same unique building design.

The red lines represent a Rune language that's been seen in many locations across Tyria and Elona, such as The Tombs of the Primevil Kings, On several ruins in the Forum Highlands in Vabbi, in the Catacombs of Ascalon, on banners in several places in Kryta, and on the Path to the hall of heroes reached from Heroes Ascent, but so far these runes have had no known meaning to them.

When the dots are connected they form two overlapping areas with Orr in the direct center of them. Coincidence? Maybe, and most likely, but still I like the theorize about stuff.

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Copy paste from Guru2:

There are none of the "common" runes on the Battle Isles. Anywhere. So your red line is off greatly due to that.

Also on the red line: Why is there a point in Kryta? Outside of the banners - obviously recent duplications of the runes - there are no such runes in Kryta. I think, in both cases, you're taking access to the Underworld/path to the Hall of Heroes as those locations, which would be terribly terribly off (and if you were to do that, where's your line to Zin Ku Corridor?). That also seems to be where your line goes towards Elona - which, again, is wrong. Though there are such runes in Vabbi, it's northeast of the Chantry of Secrets (which is where it looks like your red line goes to).

In terms of it overlapping Orr... Well, firstly, the whole undead thing is terribly recent and is irrelevant to the story of the runes. There should be no influence one way or the other on that. Secondly, what is found between the temples/locations of the runes are likewise terribly irrelevant unless there are things found where said runes/temples are that are also inbetween. And besides: Your red line would no longer encircle Orr if done properly; and if you were to create lines for all locations providing access to the Mists, even if you cut out the Temple of Grenth, then you get just about 75% of the map.
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I'm no lore whiz, but Wiki says that a few of the gods lived there. Perhaps it's not a coincidence?

EDIT: Ninja'd and now I'm more confused than ever.
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Default Interesting

@Sajuk, The buildings and runes don't really have anything to do with the lore or the story of the game except briefly in Elona when Melonni gets all schizo about some. They are all just decoration so you're not running thru a world that happens to be the same color as your monitor background. Besides it's just easier in game development to use the same basic structures and landscapes and decorations and just adding a few tweaks cuz to change every single landscape building, etc. would take years of coding. That is why things seem so similar in the separate campaigns. It's just coding joined together taken from already written code in other areas and mashed together to make something look different or new. But it is interesting tho isn't it if the runes did have a role in gw. But why runes? It seems too human world like. They could come with something more inventive and have a totally different way of communication and writing for the people of the world of Tyria.

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