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Default The Stone Singers

Hello there Guild Wars Guru. Just joined the forums!
Listen I have a bit of a question.

Who are the Stone Singers and what do they do exacly? I know they're Kurzicks and they sing to appease the Gods. And I know they most likely also sing to heal the living stone, but is there more info on them?

I checked the wiki and couldn't really find anything. Thanks in advance!

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Basically Singers in the Kurzicks culture is just a position. A highly honored one that only a few get to be.

"Stone Singers" perform a ceremony which heal the stone of the land to maintain it. this is what the Arborstone mission is all about.

"Tree Singers" perform a ceremony which make people into Juggernauts. Which is what the The Eternal Grove mission is all about.

In the lore to me, they are nothing, but construction workers who use spells to build, structures or an army.
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You mean a quest, not Arborstone mission.

The bit on Tree Singers isn't accurate, btw. They don't make Juggernauts - the Forever Trees do that. The Tree Singers revive and maintain the life of the Forever Trees (as for unknown reasons if the singing stops during the ceremony to make Juggernauts, the Forever Trees will die forever).

The only lore on Stone Singers are from the quest "Song and Stone" - which is just as said, they repair the stone with magical hymns.

IMO, they are originated from a scrapped concept for a profession in Factions - the Bard. Which most likely became reworked into the Paragon.
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Actually, there is a little more lore on them in the quest Wardens on the March:

Originally Posted by Rutger zu Heltzer
My nephew, Terrik, has been trapped inside. He is a talented stone singer, able to control and construct magical protectors, and I sent him in to summon stone guardians to help fend off the wardens.
So as well as being able to repair stone in general, it seems to be the Stone Singers that are responsible for creating and controlling the stone guardians in Arborstone and other locations.
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