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Default Back to Gwen and Keiran

Spoiler Alert for after WoC Chapter 3

So after I finished WoC Ch. 3 and got Miku, I decided I'd take her back to my HoM and see what Keiran and Gwen had to say. I must say, I was dissapointed that ANet didn't put in any conversations between these three considering all that Miku and Keiran went through in HotN

ANet even put in conversations for Keiran when you brought him to the Underworld and introduced him to Gwen's mother.

Hopefully they decide to put something in there at a later date.
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Gwen and Keiran have been done to death. Keiran's "relationship" with Miku was short and haphazardly written anyway. He's got nothing to say to her and Miku's got nothing to say to him that hasn't already been said, all their issues are resolved and they're different people now from who they were when they met in Kryta.

I'm glad my character can actually have a friend now instead of watching everyone important to him/her get tied to other NPCs.

Besides let's be honest, this is how such a conversation would be written:

Keiran: Oh, Miku, is that you?
Gwen: Miku, is that the girl you were looking at?!?! Bloo Bloo
Miku: Heh.
Player: Miku was busy with character development and Keiran helped her
Gwen: Ok sorry let's be friends
Keiran: Thanks for helping me back there
Miku: No problem. Heh.


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