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Default "The Three Sisters"

Wooden Potatoes references that the Luxons worship 3 gods of their own. I have completely missed this and can't find it online, or is he not having his facts somehow, so...where can I get this information?

Video where he talks about it.

Edit: on the unofficial wiki I found this:

But, is there more information than this though?

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The official wiki has a page on them as well: . There you can also find a link to all the other gods in the entire Guild Wars universe.

Interestingly enough, the 3 Luxons clans are each currently ruled by a female captain, which are also collectively called "The Three Queens" and one of them even has the same name as one of the goddess, respectively Elora.
three dominant clans—sometimes called "armadas," a holdover from their true seafaring days—share collective rule of the Luxon faction. The leaders of the clans are named captain upon fighting their way to the top. For the first time in their history (an admittedly spotty record) all three captains are women. They each carry the formal title of captain, but are often collectively referred to as the Three Queens.
But yeah, not much else.
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