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Default Menzies... now that's a title

Hey guys, I am sorry for bringing this to you, but I felt like I should.

I have this problem. I remember reading an article in this very section of guru about Menzies, the state of the battle between him and Grenth, as well as how AWESOME it would be if, just as they did with the UW, anet would add a fight with Menzies.

The actual problem is I can't find the article. What has this got to do with the topic I'm going to talk about? Very little indeed.

Comming from this, I was very curious about exactly how much we know of Menzies. And also: how much will we hear from him /other god-related figures in GW2?

So, what I'm here to ask of this lovely community is: Could you provide like ALL the info you have, about the smallest details ever (like how he corrupted eternals, etc etc), if he had any connection to abaddon, idk, any and everything, about Menzies? Cause I am really interested now and would love to see the conflict of the gods answered in GW2... though there is the problem of human centrism in it.

Enough rumbling, thanks in advance
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Most of the canon lore about Menzies can be found here:

so I suppose its a good start.
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Menzie has a fight with Balthazar, not Grenth. for the rest see Bulldozers link.
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