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Default Confused about parts of the Prophecies and Factions storylines.

So, I liked Prophecies and thought it worked well for the most part, my only problem came at the end of Hell's Precipice when you kill the Lich and use his soul to recharge the Door of Komalie. But the Door was being kept closed by the multitudes of souls the Mursaat regularly sacrificed on the Bloodstones, won't the Lich's soul eventually run out, or whatever it is that happens to souls in there?

Also, in the Factions storyline, I really never understood why Shiro wanted to return to life--as an Envoy he was pretty much invincible, so what was his motivation? As far as I could tell, he didn't even need an army, he could just walk right through everyone who tried to stop him because they couldn't touch him, but he could kill everyone else if the events in the Raisu Palace are anything to go by.
Also, it was never clarified (for me at least)--was the Emperor planning to kill Shiro? Or was the prophecy self-fulfilling in that the Emperor would attempt to kill Shiro while defending himself because he thought Shiro was trying to kill him?

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as far as how long the soul of the lich will last, well just say that it would be very boring if it wears out and in e.g. GW3 we need to re-reclose the door. So my guess is it will last forever.

As for Shiro. The kind of evil Shiro represent is the one of fear. How would you fear something you can't see. In the eyes of us (the "good" guys) it may sound crazy, but from the point of of view of a sick mind it is normal. See it a bit as the end of Harry Potter. Voldemort is very powerfull, but in the end in his selfishness he makes mistakes that become his downfall.

Then the (factions) prophecy; lore tells that the fortuneteller is a demon sent by Abaddon in the disguise of a fortune teller. So the whole (factions) prophecy is a lie and Shiro is as much a tool of evil as he is evil himself.
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We don't know how long a soul's energy typically lasts when used, the best we got is that two souls having been devoured by a scarab lasted 200 years in the belly of the beast.

And yes, Khilbron's soul would eventually run out, but it doesn't need to last forever. You should play Nightfall.

For why Shiro wanted to return... play Nightfall. But the Factions premise is that, as revealed in An Empire Divided, Shiro was only recently made an envoy - in other words he became an envoy for the sole purpose of causing the Affliction and, eventually, breaking the curse that is death. His desire for being living again was probably from the want of an actual body. Envoys, by the way, are not immortal.

Shiro's goal was simply to live again, not power, so being an envoy with the ability to kill people easily and control souls (something he was still able to do as a human) isn't as desirable as living again with flesh, blood, and breath. Though there's a bit more too it (again: Nightfall).

The third campaign links the two together, showing the main enemies' true motivations. The answers to your questions are in the game - either directly or not, I would say but I won't spoil it. If you don't mind spoilers, I'll place them in a spoiler tag...

The prophecy from the fortune teller, as akelarumi said, was a lie - at least as far as we know. The fortune teller's origins were spoiler'd by akelarumi, but the clarification on that is in Nightfall as well.

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