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Originally Posted by Konig Des Todes View Post
Poverty would prevent that, I would think.
Not to mention the quarantine at first and new administration afterward.
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Isn't there a couple of farms around Mount Qinkai? That region could also provide food to the 3 nations. Kurzick may have some sort of basic farm products since they are on soil at least, but Luxons are probably on a seafood diet.
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Kaineng is pretty much the Guild Wars equivalent of an urbanized city in China, or Japan. It's a major port city, which implies a huge amount of import and export, not to mention that it's the home of the Xunlai, who are apparently the "world bankers".

I imagine Kaineng used to be a major port city, which rapidly exploded due to foreign interest in goods and material. The Slums and poverty is the result of massive immigration to the area, from peasants seeking to make their fortunes after hearing about the wealth of the city.

I highly doubt that it's self-sustaining, instead relying on goods from the other parts of the continent, and from other continents and nations, to provide the necessities of life.

Notice how Vabbi, the other "wealthy" nation, seems to have a more classical version of wealth and luxury, while Kaineng is very much a commercially wealthy area.

You know, though, this could have some very interesting implications for GW2, when the entire continent is cut off from the rest of the world.
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[Quote]There's also a pretty good-sized island just south of the Monastery that I could see having a potentially large fruit or grains crop,

Actually like the arenas in ascalon and the northern shiverpeaks that island is for training Pvp
*I know this is late but it was bugging me*


Also Kaineng really on got that big after the Jade wind

This area of Cantha's sprawling northern metropolis is also sometimes called "Old Kaineng" and is usually among the first stops of visitors to the Empire of the Dragon. Before the Jade Wind, the place now called Kaineng Center actually comprised most of Kaineng City, but the ensuing population explosion as citizens fled the affected regions led to an equal expansion of metropolitan boundaries. The central district's new, official moniker was approved by imperial decree in 1408 CC.

— In-game description of Kaineng Center
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