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Default Icedome Running

Hi all,

I'm curious as to what sort of builds folks are using to run through Icedome and the South Shiverpeaks in general these days.

I used to do a lot of running back in the day, and have a few old builds that would get me through, but skills in these have since been nerfed and I can't find anything that can quite handle the combo of PBAoE snares and incoming damage.

What are folks using to do this run now?
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Shadow Form runner works fine as it does everywhere. I would suggest throwing I Am Unstoppable in there though just because Stone Summit will sometimes cripple you. Though they can be evaded, I guess.

Shadow Form
Deadly Paradox
Dwarven Stability
Dark Escape
Heart of Shadow
I Am Unstoppable
ANd throw in a res of some kind, I personally use Shadow Sanctuary.

You can mess with it if you like. If you find body blocking tends not to be a problem you can replace HoS. Dash can go as well if you want. If you don't mind using alcohol you can replace IASes and Stability with just Drunken Master. If you don't need constant Shadow Form you can ditch Deadly Paradox, etc.

The key is to have Shadow Form for spells and (Stability + Stances) or Drunken Master for fast movement, and then you fill the rest with counters for whatever else you're facing eg cripple, kd, or high physical damage.

Primary profession doesn't really matter as long as long as you have enough energy and an enchanting weapon.

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