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Originally Posted by cataphract View Post
Oh, you're looking for -2 ench mods along with +vs bad guys. That's going to be a nice collection indeed. I thought you were looking fot +vs bad guys and whatever and immediately thought of my pro paladin wamo. XD

Anyhow... If I ever see the giants one you'll be the first to know. Collections ftw. \o/
What do you mean going to be?

I fight hella animals with this. They don't stand a chance

Where are you guys when I was arguing with people over inscriptions and their crappyness^^ But then again, this is Trader's Outpost, not Riverside... More classy people reside here
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Heh, it's nice to how piss poor I really am. I'm just glad to be over 100k again :P.

Then again, I took a 5 year hiatus from the game, so I'm just working on the HoM stuff myself. I enjoy perusing this site and the wikis to relearn a lot of of the stuff in the game. Thank for the interesting read and information.
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