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Default What weapons are worth selling?

I just came back after a year of hiatus and was wondering how do you tell what weapons are good for selling or not? I noticed that lower required weapons with maxed damage are best for selling. I just read one of the threads that there are actually "Old weapons" that are uninscribable that are worth much more than weapons post-NF. Is it possible to obtain these old weapons anymore by doing Prophecies and Factions or is that long gone?

How about skins? What skins are worth more than the others? I know the Tormented Shield goes for quite a lot but that's about it... I checked some of the high end sales on the other forum subgroup but I couldn't tell if they were "old weapons" or "post-NF".
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Old Jul 04, 2011, 11:08 AM // 11:08   #2
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Well overall r7-8 all weapons, Req 9-13 Uninsc Shields, offhands, Wands & staffs with good mods. nerfed modded items and skins are best to sell

Besides that "inscriable rare skins" ie. some reward chest drops like Bone dragon staff or Eternal blade are worth selling

List goes on an on but thats most

and as u asked if u can still get some. U still can get uninsc drops. Some not. some u can
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Old Jul 04, 2011, 07:52 PM // 19:52   #3
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Thanks! So uninscribable are still droppable, but only in the Prophecies and Factions area correct?
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Correct. (although urgoz and the deep chest from insc versions which drop the value of those skins) If yur curious about an item being worth much, u can usually tell from wiki. search it and see where it drops. if it drops all over uninsc and insc, usually not worth selling more than 5k. if only uninsc and from a select group of places, maybe worthwhile selling if its perfect and low q. q is important with uninsc weapons(well any weapons really) aside from high demand stuph like echovald shields, dragon staffs and whatnot. but even still its gunna be kinda hard to sell a q13 dragon staff 20/10 staff... 20/20 not so much. nobody really buys non-perf stuph unless its über leet and the mods are Usuable. u can tell that insc weapons be worth sellin if it can only be gotten from only a couple or maybe even one endchest, and stuph. i can only think of one skin that goes for more than 15k q9 insc thats not endchest-exclusive(fellblade, & IDS maybe) i'm sure there are more, but i don't wanna put the effort into this That much.

Also aesthetics are Very important. if it looks like a crappy skin, maybe it is crap. people want their stuph lookin nice, shiny, and pretty. although if u got a q9 +5e Dusk Blade, which looks like crap imo, i'm sure u could get 50k+ (uninsc version of course. and if u did get one, u should sell to me. for some reason i want that sword now.... )
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