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Default Uninscribable Eotn/NF weaps

Here lately I have notice a few wts thread containing uniscribable eotn/nf weapons. I don't have issue with these persay except that the prices of them are artifically inflated due to them being uniscribable.

Now if they were uniscribable and had the inheirent mod I could understand the inflated prices...but alas they do not...they are missing the mod....and thus less usefull.

So if anyone has any input why a 2/3 modded weap is inflated so much vs a 3/3..plz enlighten me.
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Old Jul 20, 2011, 04:50 PM // 16:50   #2
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i do not understand why folks are wanting an arm and a leg for these items i ha a guy in kama the other day trying to sell me a set of non max q9 storm daggers for 60e way over what max ones are and he said cause they are more rare granted they are but they are also crap compared to others max with all mods
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Old Jul 20, 2011, 05:55 PM // 17:55   #3
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i understand where you are both coming from. i used to collect these very same items. i have a huge collection. but have started to merch them recently. i have two r9 crys swords like this. a nice r8 storm bow and so many others. but alas they are not worth anything to be honest. most of these items i just custo so that they get a damage bonus and i can actually use them.
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