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Originally Posted by StueyG View Post
...this game was more enjoyable when you had to make do with what you had - it took work to get around and had some difficulty to it. When you got that rare r8 14 stance chaos axe you enjoyed it. You could see it and know you worked hard for it. Now that would be worthless....

I remember buying a req 8 13^50 cleaver (tyrian, was the only continent) for my 2nd war to use when he got done with pre. Before he could go, though, he had to collect enough black dyes to pay my 1st warrior back for his axe and the armor he'd buy in the foreseeable future. I couldn't wait for him to get there and start using his axe (until that point I had only used swords). Now it would cost me 3.5k to get a new warrior a req 9 15^50 sephis axe. It's a shame. There's no work involved and, therefore, no gratification. I hope GW2 is more like GW used to be in that sense.

Originally Posted by StueyG View Post
Do you carry around every inscription possible and slap them on in the middle of vanquishing or PvP'ing to support your build that you cannot change and therefore really don't need a different weapon?
This made me lol. I don't think it's what the guy had in mind, but it made me lol anyway. I think he was talking about a single item being useful for different chars with different needs...but if you have to be trading around your req 12 insc short sword from your war to your monk (and changing its inscription every time), you're really (REALLY) doing it wrong.

The fact that mods and inscriptions often cost more (especially across repeated changing) than the item itself means that inscribable items will basically function as non-inscribable items. No one will actually change inscriptions the way that guy seemed to suggest. Your war will have his sword and your monk will have his. It's just, as Stuey said, much easier (too easy IMO) to go and get what you want.

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^+1... I still get excited over any uninsc drop that has a cool skin. Regardless of req.

Also, something not mentioned. Triple Mod drops. I want mausoleum to come back. Me and Eric had so much fun running that over and over and over for cool drops. I honestly hadn't had that feeling about this game in years... The feeling that you could actually get something really sweet. And I got a sweet drop, so I am happy.
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