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Default very low req golds

Evenin' gents (and ladies wherever they may be) I do suppose 12:30 at night is a tad late to be saying 'evening' but thats neither here nor there. My question that I wish to pose to all of you concerns the matter of gold rarity items, and the lowest possible requirement that one can attain. Now I am aware that there exists some very old gold staves that have a requirement of 0. However, outside of this very limited pool, I am only aware of golds existing down to a requirement of 3 ( I will post of screen shot of this) The question then must be asked, do gold rarity items CURRENTLY drop in the requirements of 0, 1 and 2? And following that, where would be the best place to locate these? My own experience so far has proven that Shing Jea Island would be the best location for finding these items. Personally I have only witnessed a requirement of 4 dropping, however I was sold a requirement 3 set of kamas (pictured) I now leave this question and task up to all of you, in hopes that this great debate may finally be laid to rest ( I dont think there actually is a debate over this, but it sounded pretty spiffy to say) Also if I've just spewed a bunch of nonsense and this topic seems pointless, I do apologize. I am in fact slightly intoxicated and this seems a magnificent idea right now. And yes, I can type well while drunk (well not drunk, but not sober either)

Do gold weapons CURRENTLY drop in requirements of 0, 1 and 2? And if so, where? Exclude old 0 req staves

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Check out licensed luny's thread in this same section a couple of threads down. Lots of pics and info re low q weaps. Btw, iirc I sold you the kamas and yes I got them farming feathers outside seitung harbor in jaya bluffs.

Mod edit: Correct, please check out this thread:

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