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Default Help - Did I miss any new green items (or ~green items?)

Hi folks,

I need to update the "Greens & Other" PC Guide OP, but I wasn't playing from sometime late last Winter until Halloween. It's a pain to add new items into the list, so I don't want to have to do this more than once.

Would you please let me know of any new green or green-esque thing I need to add that isn't on this list?
  • Copper, Silver, & Gold Zaishen Coins
  • Winds of Change Items
    • Ministerial Commendations & moddable Weapons of Purity from Iza Yoi (Not planning to split them out, as they all seem to cost the same 15 commendations.)
    • multi-attribute "Faith" staff
    • multi-attribute "The People's Will" wand
    • multi-attribute "The People's Resolve" focus
    • "Judgement" sword
    • "Conviction" axe
    • "The Righteous Hand" hammer
    • "Guidance" bow
    • "Resolve" daggers
    • "Diligence" spear
    • "Temperance" scythe
  • New Zaishen Rewards
    • gold Envoy Sword
    • gold Envoy Axe
    • Divine Envoy Staff
    • Dark Envoy Staff
    • Chaotic Envoy Staff
    • Elemental Envoy Staff
    • Spiritual Envoy Staff
    • Envoy Scythe
    • * Zaishen Strongbox has a place for listing on the Consumables OP along with other gift-type items, so I'll just redirect to that thread for these.
    • "Demrikov's Judgement" sword
    • "Torivos' Rage" axe
    • multi-attribue "Heleyne's Insight" staff
    • "Vetaura's Harbinger" scythe
  • War Supplies need to be removed/redirected from this OP, as the market seems to value them as much, if not more so, as a consumable boost than a source of Oppressor Weapons. jimbo has them on the Consumable thread's OP already.

Thanks & Cheers,

EDIT - I guess not! Update is done.

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