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Default Event Items - best time to sell?

Hi there,
Now that wintersday has come to an end, I've got 60 stacks of seasonal items in storage - spread pretty evenly across Party (8750 points), Alcohol (5750 points) & Sweet (7250 points).

Now, my question is this. As the market is flooded with these items at present I wondered if anyone has an idea how long it will take for supply and demand to even out again?

Also, I'm of the opinion that prices for these items will spike when a release date for GW2 is announced as a new rush for HoM points starts. Do you guys think that will happen? Or am I being hopelessly optimistic?


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i dont think that the demand will spike.
sure, in some months you might get +20..40g more per point(some more, some less.

If you dont need the cash NOW, and got the storage space for it, keep it,see where the market goes. Otherwise try to sell now, and still get a decent ammount of cash.
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Old Jan 05, 2012, 04:40 AM // 04:40   #3
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So many people farm event items that the demand is unlikely to go up much. We have Canthan New Year approaching, and after that the Sweet Treat Weekend, Lucky weekend, etc etc.

In my opinion, the only items you see gain value as we get further away from the event where they drop are pcons like apples, corn, golden eggs and pumpkin pie. Speedclear people burn through a ton of those types of things, so there's always a demand. Normal stuff like alcohol, tonics, etc usually stay at pretty much the same value.

And yeah, I think you're being fairly optimistic about a demand spike when they set a date for GW2. I'd say that most of the people who care about filling their hall started working on the consumables titles when the calculator was released.
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Old Jan 05, 2012, 07:56 PM // 19:56   #4
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I am kind of in the same spot as the OP.

I spent a ton of cash near the end of the Wintersday holiday. Collected a TON of alcohol and party for next to nothing.

My question is when are prices gonna go up? Everyone wants alc for 50-60/pt...and before Wintersday it was easy to get 125/pt on those.

Its got to go back up...since supply is going to drop. i think it depends on all the kiddies flooding the market and trying to unload their stuff. Once that's done (1 month??) then it'll go back to normal
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