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Originally Posted by Coast View Post
nice fail flame, I didn't actually lie with my pc.
If u plan to attack people then do it when you got a foot to stand on.
Kiki bought his from partizo for 400e btw
I didn't say who did it because I want this thread to stay open and last time I checked this Partizo isn't going around bidding on swords he has multiples of.

There was a Q8 +5e Katana that hit 500eish and the bids started to slow down. Then you put in a bid of 4600e. Still think I don't have a foot to stand on?

Originally Posted by ACWhammy View Post
Just curious, what could Anet do to prevent massive inflation? Have more gold sinks? Have a "tax?" What have other MMO's done to prevent this kind of thing? o.O
The whole problem with Guild Wars is not just gold sinks. A person can beat the campaigns, get GWAMM and 50/50 HoM in about 3 months. Compared to a game like WoW where beating the Lich King took a year of hardcore preparation, Guild Wars doesn't have much to do to prevent boredom. Then there's getting to level 80. People in WoW have too much to do so financial superiority is almost non existent. Especially when raid achievements rank higher than a players wallet.

BoP weapons are another reason. The best looking weapons in WoW are only obtainable by the player through raids and can't be farmed over and over. One huge mistake that haunts Anet still are the Asian minis. They should have been customized from the start along with armbraces and Anet knows this now.

Then there's gold sinks. Gold sinks are a very nice game design to keep the economy healthy. For a long time I thought the merchants,traders and armor crafters did a good job but traders move most of the money around amongst players and players don't buy a new set of armor everyday. That just leaves the merchant but even lockpicks return some gold. This is where consumables have a good side that people rarely notice. Only problem is they remove materials and not enough gold.

Last but not least is the economic nuclear bomb known as the duping exploit. This bug went on for too long and did irreversible damage.

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Old Nov 26, 2011, 01:24 PM // 13:24   #82
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well these people who are offering absurd amounts for these weps will eventually realize this game is coming to an end and no matter how much pixels you sell it for it will be worthless especially the req8 +5e canthan skin ones because there is nothing special about them at all, so the more they pay and the harder they try to resell then more power to them.

id take a perfect non-insc decent shield skin anyday over common req8 +5e canthan weps because they are close to useless in any situation tbh.

a value of an item is harder to determine these days due to inflation, there is just too many forms of currency aswell, and seriously too much garbage like tonics and mini pets floating around which drives interest away from most of the weapons in the game that just get merched instead.
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Old Nov 27, 2011, 05:56 PM // 17:56   #83
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Originally Posted by LicensedLuny View Post
Consider that the addition of ectos and armbraces into the market from SC popularity is adding more commodities or alternative currencies, and not as much actual gold or platinum. (Sorry, I don't know all the correct economic vocabulary.)
But it always comes back to gold. These "commodities" are quite clever actually. An ecto, an armbrace.....even diamonds and shards have simply become essentially larger bills than the Plat.

Whats interesting is the stability of these items in the market. Which requires usefulness, thus the demand. As long as there is a use, the price points are set by what the merchant will buy & sell rare crafting supplies for. Diamonds are a good example of a commodity that sees much flux, and people constantly attempt to upset their value by lowballing. I see it everyday, multiple times. People requesting to buy bulk rare crafts for less than what the merchant is willing to pay a player for them. Which tells us that obviously if people are so often offering such low bids, they must be receiving their low-ball request often enough to excuse the time spent doing so.

I even see this practice with ectos, where a merch might pay 7.5 per, yet a player wants to buy a bulk amount for 7k each. At what point does it make sense to sell for less than merch prices?
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Originally Posted by superraptors View Post
its almost as annoying when people say 'offer' and when you do give an offer they almost in 99% of the cases reject it and when you ask how much they go spaz, such a sad case.
Oh this is one of my most un-favorite things. It happened much more in Diablo 2 (where the economy was crap) than GW, but it still happens. Now when it does and they go spaz, I usually (in kamadan mind you) toss them a ridiculous overpay offer like 100e. most don't take the bait, but I had one guy trying to find me for the proposed trade for about an hour.
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Originally Posted by Swingline View Post

Last but not least is the economic nuclear bomb known as the duping exploit. This bug went on for too long and did irreversible damage.
Years on and this is still an issue, its sickening how many armbraces are still in the system I started counting how many players had more than 500a and stopped at 15 just from a few pages of guru, they should have ALL been deleted ANET done a crap job too slow to see the problem and done nothing to fix it.
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