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Originally Posted by LicensedLuny View Post
Has anyone ever seen an inherent gold text item with improved sale value or highly salvageable?
I've seen (and had) many Highly Salvagable inherent goldies, but I can't recall any Improved sale value inherents on golds, not even prophecies purples (except for certain canthan staves... i think).
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I've identified more than 30,000 golds and have never seen a Prophecies/Factions gold item with Highly Salvageable or Improved Sale Value.

It's always a blue item if it has those inherents.
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Old Dec 15, 2011, 01:28 AM // 01:28   #23
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inherent golds - never seen highly salvageable or improved sale value, neither on purple inherent... identified quite a lot as well and checked quite a lot forum entries for os golds - never have come accross any so far...

well back closer on topic - I´ve been doing some research as well... well found "proved" what yawg posted (well not necessary to mention...)

I´ve done some chestruns in Maatu Keep and been observing following: gold value of unid there is 50-57g (just found one 57g... more might be possible - will have to check loot drops soon...) Furthermore the added gold value (before multiplication) never exceeded the item´s unid value, items with very low unid values also had smaller increases there. This might be a hint for item´s unid value getting multiplied by 1+random, whereas randow would be between 0 and 1 and then the new gold value would be raritymultiplier*max((1+random)*unidvalue, unidvalue+1), which also explains, why white lower items have increasement of +1 more frequently than max ones (which I observed checking white drops). Been doing research for treasure items from nf as well... item value seems to be generated according to the area´s "difficulty" (- I guess u know what I mean: earlier in nf mainstory means lower gold value). had unid values ranging between 32g (istan) to 78g (desolation). (this made me have a gold few off max 140g valued staff ).

All this is just theory, have done 162 chestruns (since I went across this thread) in Maatu and got exactly 1/3 purples and 2/3 golds - most of the unids had unidvalue 51, 54 was rarest except from the 57 one, 46 nf treasures opened and 50 whites recorded. Will be going on on research, due to the fact that I need treasurehunter either way and it kinda makes me happy doing research like this

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A month or so ago, I was trying to be careful to take before and after id screenshots to offer some raw data here for anyone who cared to see what patterns they could discern. I took them, filed them away, and forgot to post them.

Better late than never?

(Click each for fullsize version)

(The second two pictures were fallen's drops, not mine. I took those screenshots while he had passed them to me to ID.)
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