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This is pretty bad. This is something that should be getting more attention than just two pages.
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There are quite a few scams that unless you know quite a bit about how things work you would not have any idea. To just come out with a statement saying they are stupid just makes you look dumb as you obviously have no idea about all the scams that have been used over the years. Some are dumb and should be plainly obvious but the one Luny is talking about is something that should have resulted in them renaming the weapon but they are lazy with stuff like that quite often. Other things are quite obscure and quite a few players don't know about them - but as a word of advice - use the wiki to look up things before buying especially if they try to rush you.

All in all - it is quite disturbing that they will let stuff like this just get kicked under the rug.
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Doesnt the icon look diffrently of these if theyre dyed?
And yea, gold value is safe too!
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