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Old May 30, 2012, 06:15 PM // 18:15   #1
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Default Was I just scammed?

I have been buying (and selling) minis the last week or so and this "concern" just happened to me for the second time now. It has me suspicious of the seller I bought it from. It happened to be the same seller both times because I log my trades for some anal reason...

The first time was a week ago and his WTS was about 30% less than most traders out there. Everything looked fine but I noticed he had traded 100g along with the mini for some reason. I thought nothing of it, assuming it was a typo or mis-hit button.

Today, he spams another mini significantly under priced from the current market (I believe) and from other comparable minis in his WTS post. Again, I trade for it and noticed the extra 100g added.

This can't be the same mistake again, it has to be for a reason. My fear now is that I traded for a duped mini, but it is hard to believe this mini is duped because it is worth less than 20e. It seems there are dozens of better candidates out there.

So does anyone know why the 100g was added to the trade of the mini? The mini appears normal and I see no evidence of fraud, just two consecutive 100g transactions added to the original trade agreement.

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No. You weren't scammed. After I read your post I'll explain why.

ok so..

Not sure how this could ever be construed as a "scam". Scam's aren't really possible anyways. The 100g might be his OCD or he's doing this as a joke. The underselling the market might be him intentionally dropping the prices of that mini/year of minis so that he can buy them at a cheaper price in the coming weeks. Stranger things have happened.

For now... Just continue on. Worst case scenario it's a duped mini and anet might figure out you have one and will possibly remove it from your account. I wouldn't worry.

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Is it an Fire imp or an Panda you bought?
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Originally Posted by Olle View Post
Is it an Fire imp or an Panda you bought?
1st one= Eye

Today = Varesh
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are we there yet?
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not the place to discuss this.
where is the 'all you can eat' cookie bar?
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