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Old Oct 18, 2013, 09:04 AM // 09:04   #21
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Ok, I'm going o stick my head over the wall and say something.

This thread is for unique, one of a kind items, or items with truly the best stats possible in a particular skin. It isn't another 'post your awesome weapons' or 'beloved collections' thread.

I wonder if we could get people to edit or remove posts once an item turns out not to be unique.....

I have items that qualify for beloved collections, and awesome weapons, but I'm not sure that I have much that is truly unique. (Maybe a few, but I'm doing my homework before I post them here)

Perhaps a Mod could volunteer to housekeep this thread?

Also, play nice please

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Old Oct 18, 2013, 03:54 PM // 15:54   #22
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Thanks, Max, for saying something. I hope it helps get this thread back on track. In that spirit, here's a reminder that this thread is intended to celebrate items that are both perfect and unique.

An item is perfect when it is impossible for there to be a better version of it. That is different from an item being the best known example of something. All perfect things, by definition, are the best of their kind. Not all things that are the best of their kind are perfect. This thread is for perfect items. Please note that there are many different kinds of perfection. Perhaps this thread would be improved if people specified the sense in which their item is perfect, if it's not immediately obvious.

An item is unique when there are no other known examples. Part of the purpose of this thread is to determine, as well as we can, whether an item is unique in addition to being perfect. The beautfiul Brute Sword that Tooburns posted is a great example. It is certainly worthy of being posted and the community was able to determine that it is not, in fact, unique (nice job!). Unfortunately, that was done in some kind of juvenile passive-aggressive way (stop it!). If someone could've just said "Pleikki has one like this," that would've been a useful post.

So ask yourself these questions before you post an item:

1) Is this item unique?
2) Is this item perfect?
3) Will others recognize that this item is perfect?

You should be able to answer "Yes" to questions 1 and 2, to the best of your knowledge. Ideally, question 3 should also be a "Yes". If you're not sure about #3, feel free to post an explanation.
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Old Oct 18, 2013, 05:32 PM // 17:32   #23
are we there yet?
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Since this is not a sell/buy/services thread we are not going to police it the same way we do the rest of ventari (hence the rules at the top posted by Jenn).
We will leave it to the posters to delete posts that no longer fit the threads intent.
Do not post comments about the thread getting away from the topic as that is, yes, not on topic (and I WILL be deleting these posts).
If you feel that your post was deleted and was still relevant then contact me and I will determine if that is the case (or not), my say is final

Please keep your posts on topic and your images of just the items!
where is the 'all you can eat' cookie bar?
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Old Oct 22, 2013, 12:42 PM // 12:42   #24
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Default ....


Last edited by Enchanted Krystal; Oct 22, 2013 at 09:30 PM // 21:30.. Reason: ....
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Originally Posted by Enchanted Krystal View Post
Not sure if this fits here, so let me know if it's not welcome.

Thanks Sara, I wish there were more players like you out there.
Nice shield. I know Kromp has (had?) one very similar. It may be the same, lets wait for him.
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