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Default Dual +10 armour shields (research)

hey guys,

i vaguely remember an old friend talking to me about these rare antiques, and it got me thinking, was he talking out of his rear end or was he indead telling the truth.

Do shields with 2x mods of +10vsXXX exist?

any screenshots would be handy

thanks in advance

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Old Mar 02, 2014, 11:22 PM // 23:22   #2
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Haven't ever seen 1 in 8 years of playing - My guess - Yeah.... no.
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Same here Buz, in all my time I have never seen or heard of one either.
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Old Mar 03, 2014, 03:23 AM // 03:23   #4
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i actually have 1..ill report back with picture in a moment

damnit i let a friend hold onto it so i cant take picture now -,-, ill search through old pictures to see if i can find it.


found a picture

its on bottom next to the buckler

Yes its +10 vs. elemental damage :0
comes from old ascalon collector
i have heard a +9 vs. fire +10 vs. undead recently...ill see if i can track down a picture

and yes thats a shield of the dead in pve

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