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There has been a hack in the recent past that allowed a player to create a private RA instance and earn victories without fear of foe or friend.

I'm not to technically inclined in it, however, I hear it's simply a packet that gets sent to create said instance.

There are ABSURD amounts of gladiator boxes in the market selling as low as 50e ea, and evidently will decrease in price with time.

TERRIBLE, non PvP inclined players (no offense just being literal), are showing gladiator 12 titles.

Talk of this has been seen in an old blackmarket thread I've searched up.

There are guru members here who are abusing this fact and you know your names, your place, and your lack of purpose in this universe whom I won't list in public, though in private if you so desire.

Said boxes are being sold for ectoplasm . . .and in turn transferred into dollar or euro currency in many cases.

I do have a couple screenshots of an individual who has made himself public of the matter (quite moronic of you).

In the PvP community there are rumors of others who are performing the hack as well. . .while they do not display their gladiator titles (rather their synced and confirmed synced champion titles), they do indeed have numerous gladiator box stacks despite NEVER observed in any RA match (and I RA quite frequently).

Bear in mind I do not simply state that ridiculous stacks of gladiator boxes exist, I've seen in trade, observed friends purchase and show to me 50+ stacks at a time, and personally purchased a few while I was uninformed to examine drop rates (quite terrible to be frank).

While codex has been a syncing haven for quite some time, the magnitude of output with this hack surpasses that of all conventional syncing performed in the past. I wouldn't be surprised if codex begins to lack alt accounts in foreign servers as a result of progressing the hack towards there.

That's all I can disclose,


A Note: I will not argue in nor will invoke a flaming thread, for I am merely presenting the reality of the situation.

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I am going to close this thread so that there is no flaming...the information is here...if there is any news from areanet as to how something like may have happened (or if they are going to do anything about it), an update will be posted.
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