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Default A little help for Noob

Hi everyone I'm new to the market side of things, I have a couple of mini and gold weapons to sell. Does anyone have advice about where to start?
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Go price check and ask what stuff u got are worth. Then make thread on sell or go kamadan to sell em!

Kamadan. Decltype is good way price check minis and insriable golds
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Old Mar 16, 2015, 07:42 PM // 19:42   #3
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Beware of using Decltype. It can be manipulated by spamming the wrong prices in Kamadan.. Don't trust that as gospel for pricing. There are a lot of people who will rip you off in Kamadan if you don't know what you're doing. But there are also a few decent ones that can help. The good ones are active here, and will help in the price check section.

But the price check forum here is a good place to start.

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are we there yet?
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remember when using ANY of the forums in Ventari's (price check, sell, buy, etc) to READ THE STICKIES at the top of the sections as we have MORE rules here than in other areas of guru!

so yes, make A post in price check (you can also do a search and see if your item has been price checked recently--and see what others have posted about it at that time--threads older than 2012 (before gw2 launch) are pretty much out of date, so the newer the thread the better for the more accurate price at the moment).
Also check the price check stickies at the top of price check for some more asked about items (green items, minipets, etc).

Did I mention read the stickies?
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Thanks for the advice. Can anyone give an idea of what are the most commonly traded items, and what markets there are?
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