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Default This is what happens when people get ripped off

I really felt for this guy. He got ripped off by a scammer. I hate scammers. To his credit, he changed his advert straight away.

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seen his trade message when it said 1500e obo, so i offered my r4 axe for 1499 to mess with him lol, didnt talk to him tho. my axe also has higher damage trololo

well, if what he says is true, then he got ripped off indeed, but honestly you should not spend all you have on one item that clearly MIGHT NOT BE WORTH AS MUCH AS THE SELLER CLAIMS, especially when it is something that has no real use to it. wondering how this guy could pay such an amount of money, when on the other hand theres little to no konwledge of the game and trading/scamming/value of items in general. not saying its all his fault but at least a small part of it is

alright it just so happens that the infamous scammer, who was lately talked about in the price check section for a bo-staff scam attempt, has an unded kuunavang he wants to sell. and although it is just speculation, this looks pretty obvious
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He is now in game selling pre-searing pets and accounts....


sorry cosyfiep
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Funny. I was giving away random items in kamadan the other day in all chat and he has the nerve to PM me out of the blue and ask if I have anything to give him. I told him I don't give to liars/scammers. And he said sorry and shut up. Hahahahaha
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