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I'll say it before anyone else does.

I should get my facts toghether then before posting invalid accusations.
Though due all vagueness and so long ago, no wonder.

But that doesn't take away that having insane wealth can create questionmarks.
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Originally Posted by Zephyr of Light View Post
By doing mAT's, not from the title ofcourse.
Lemming is right. There are very VERY few syncers that have the skill level to compete at a high level. N X/Silly is definitely not one of them. (He is kushy on guru). Sure he has had plenty of Balthazar faction from the ladder matches. But with the access to the tools and hacks he has had, that should be the least of your concerns.

Originally Posted by wanna heal myself View Post
he's buying/sellin for IRL money on Epvper along with Motok O
Me buying money? Don't be ridiculous. Selling pixels that I have lying around that I don't care about for some cold hard cash IRL? Yeah I'll take that.

Would it make you feel better if I just kept the pixels stored away forever?
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Wealth and question marks! Now there's a conundrum.
*perplexed stare of stupidity persists*
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I need to watch this part of Guru more often. This is great! & I'm not included this time so even better!

Silly/N X is a scammer that's how he got alot of what he has & he sync'd his r15 sucking up to many to join matches as a dead weight. Hardly worth the attention your bringing to him however.

Originally Posted by Nayru Forever View Post
The game itself is full of syncers, ebayers, dupers and multiple accounts. Take N X or Dwayna for example, im sure they both use guru, or at least 1 does. No matter how many of Dwayna's hacked characters get banned, he will make a new one. So I'm sure he'd make a new guru account.
All you know how to do is chirp about something you have no clue about lol. That's awesome!
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