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Default Large List Of Green Items Wanted

Hello all.
I'm needing all your help, I'm in the process of gathering up greens for my collection.
Below is what I'm still needing for Prophecies , Factions and Nightfall. I'll add the other campaigns as I go.
Average price would be 5k .... but we can negotiate pricing.
If you feel like donating to my quest that would be awesome,


Grognar's Sword
Grognar's Defender
Drago's Vampiric Flatbow
Elswyth's Longbow
Graygore's Shortbow
Stoneherder's Flatbow
Tarnok's Longbow
Tarnok's Recurve Bow
Ivor's Smiting Rod
Gordac's Needle
Frozen Fan
Vokur's Staff
Garbok's Cane


Gavel of the Nephilim
Kai's Sword
Kaolin Blade
Quivering Blade
The Stonebreaker
Baubao's Shell
Merki's Gaze
Strongroot's Shelter
Brrne's Recurve Bow
Chehbaba's Longbow
Inallay's Hornbow
Ironwing Longbow
Kaolin Longbow
Lorelle's Longbow
Meynsang's Longbow
Nandet's Recurve Bow
Royen's Hornbow
Hukhrah's Staff
Ssuns' Staff
Mungri's Flame
Ziinfaun's Belief
Shen's Censure
The Darkwish
Kaolin Accursed Staff
Kaswa's Gluttony
Bazzr's Wail
Chan's Greed
Kenrii's Sorrow
Milefaun's Staff
Mina's Gaze
Hanaku's Focus
Kaolin Water Staff
Kunvie's Air Staff
Bahnba's Scepter
Seacrash's Influence
The Stonebreaker
Bizzr's Fury
Chung's Focus
Snapjaw's Powerstone
The Windcatcher
Arius' Sai
Kaolin Daggers
Onata's Shards
Ssaresh's Kris Daggers
Razorfang's Claws
Bazzr's Staff
Ritual Lord's Staff
Cho's Vice
The Pain Eater
Quansong's Focus
Sseer's Wish
Cho Wei's Axe
Hanjuu's Bludgeoner
Ahvha's Longbow
Jin's Hornbow
Feng's Focus
Yingko's Claw
Baozo's Wand
Sulmeng's Staff
Auri's Wand
Pei's Blades
Miki's Staff
Tin Dao's Staff


Chaklin's Axe
Churrta's Maul
Mallyx's Reaver
Reaper's Blade
Riktund's Maul
Robah's Axe
Saevio's Maul
Shak-Jarin's Sword
Aegis of Augh
Chumab's Pride
Keht's Aegis
Mallyx's Courage
Onwan's Aegis
Sharptooth's Shield
Seedborn Flatbow
Dzabel's Hornbo
Vah's Hornbow
Bearer's Longbow
Deatheater Longbow
Mallyx's Longbow
Saushali's Recurve Bow
Tenezel's Shortbow
Tenshek's Shortbow
Tundoss' Shortbow
Hahan's Oath
Fervorborn Staff
Topo's Promise
Chidehkir's Deliverance
Dunshek's Purifier
Deceitful Scepter
Riseh's Wand
Ajamahn's Artifact
Josinq's Whisper
Noss' Artifact
Chiossen's Wind
Amiresh's Piety
Hamlen's Artifact
Modti's Depravation
Bohdabi's Spire
The Nightbringer
Grim Ghostly Staff
Tain's Corruption
Vulnero's Curse (Curses)
Mabah's Scepter
Terob's Wand
Mallyx's Malice
Menzes' Influence
Armind's Focus
Gloomy Artifact
Marobeh's Chill
Mallyx's Spite
Sehden's Mark
Shelkeh's Hex Eater
Staff of Despair (Domination)
The Mindclouder
Eshwe's Wand
Yammirvu's Scepter
Wieshur's Inspiration
Korrub's Vision
Yammiron's Focus
Olunoss' Focus
Demented Artifact
Makdeh's Focus
Neoli's Contagion
Moteh's Lightning Spire
The Skybringer
Kantoh's Walking Stick
The Earthturner
Menzes' Ambition
Hajkor's Flame
Korshek's Scepter
Lushivahr's Prism
Droajam's Storm
Hajok's Prism
Mallyx's Perpetuity
Mekir's Prism
Kormab's Prism
Bosun's Focus
Buhon's Prism
Stormborn Artifact
Achor's Daggers
Chimor's Daggers
Faveo's Daggers
Ravaging Daggers
Jeahr's Daggers
Kaya's Daggers
Staff of Ruin
Alsin's Walking Stick
Podaltur's Fury
Shakahm's Striker
Mallyx's Making
Hautoh's Ambition
Mallyx's Creation
Nehjab's Thirst
Eshau's Spear
Oathbound Spear
Pehnsed's Voice
Shrieking Spear
Toshau's Spear
Tureksin's Spear
Arneh's Fury
Kunan's Bastion
Mallyx's Supremacy
Shagu's Anthem
Churkeh's Defiance
Eshekibeh's Scythe
Fahralon's Scythe
Leilon's Vow
Lyssa's Bedlam
Mallyx's Hatred
Mallyx's Savagery
Sehlon's Vow
Shezel's Reaper
Stygian Scythe
Terror Scythe
The Deathbringer
Vahlen's Vow
The Rockbreaker
The Windcutter
Longtooth's Shield
Emeju's Longbow
Keshel's Staff
The Lifegiver
Kalwameh's Focus
The Lifedrinker
Rahti's Staff
Ajamduk's Staff
Lonolun's Staff
Modoss' Focus
Behba's Talon
Haioss' Blessing
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