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Default Mr S L A V E's Green Item Sale

I have a lot of greens that I need to get rid of that are dups from my collection.

items start at 5k
if you feel its lower bid lower, if higher bid higher
just be fair
Items will be sold at a first come

Shiro's Sword x1
Victo's Blade x3
The Holy Avenger x1
Malini's Shield x1
Brohn's Staff x1
The Scar Eater x3
Wenslauss' Faith x1
Sadi's Benediction x1
Wroth's Icon x1
Ivor's Smiting Rod x1
Kepkhet's Refuge x1
Kovald's Chakram x1
Murakai's Reaver x1
Razorstone x3
Kanaxai's Axe x2
Sentasi's Jade Hammer x1
Claws Of Broodmother x2
Kanaxai's Mallet x1
Byzzr's Benediction x1
Havok's Maul x1
Chiggen's Shortbow x1
Gargash's Recurve Bow x1
Elswyth's Recurve Bow x1
Spiritgarden's Repose x1
Bortak's Bone Cesta x2
Fendi's Rod x4
Bortak's Bone Claw x1
The Stonereaper x3
Golden Boar Scepter (death Magic) x1
Lian's Latern x1
Galigord's Stone Scroll x1
Brimstone Wand x1
Milius Pillar x2
Milius Eye x1
Arbor's Earth Staff x1
Gardock's Staff x1
Muraka's Maul x1
Wenslauss Faith x1
Gordac's Holy Rod x1

ign: Mr S L A V E

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