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Old Oct 01, 2008, 12:49 AM // 00:49   #1
Ascalonian Squire
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Default Selling Mods & Inscriptions for 500g or less!!!!

**HOLLAAA* Hi there  everything here will be sold 500g or less. Everything is perfect unless it says next to the name for example “Axe Grip of Enchanting (19%)” or “Sundering Dagger Tang (20/19)”. Just put your name or PM me and if this doesn’t go all away in 2 weeks, I’ll either delete them or just throw it around in the outpost. 


“Don’t think twice” = 200g (1x)
“Dance with Death” = 200g (2x)
“Guided by Fate” = 200g (2x)

“Like a Rolling Stone” = 500g (1x)
“Not the Face!” = 500g (1x)
“Leaf on the Wind” = 500g (1x)
“Run for your Life!” = 500g (1x)

“Aptitude not Attitude”(19%) = 200g (3x)
“Hale Hearty” = 500g (2x)

“Let the Memory live Again” = 200g (1x)


Vamp Bowstring = 500g
Axe Grip of Enchanting (19%) = 200g
Wand Wrapping of Quickening = 400g (2x)
Hammer Grip of Fortitude (+29) = 200g
Bow Grip of Fortitude (+29) = 200g (2x)
Swift Staff Head = 200g (4x)
Focus Core of Endurance = 500g
Sundering Dagger Tang (20/19) = 200g
Focus Core of Fortitude (+29) = 200g
Zealous Bowstring = 500g
Ebon Bowstring = 300g
Wand Wrapping of Fortitude = 500g
Furious Axe Shaft = 300g
Wand Wrapping of Memory (19%) = 200g
Staff Wrapping of Memory = 500g
Insightful Staff Head = 200g
Sword Pommel of Fortitude (+29) = 500g

***Forgot, I have an Unded Mini Juggernaut for 3k,*** YAYAYA<----For Xar Sephtrion
IGN = Pancakes for Fun or Thisis Why Ima Mule or Golden Monk Of Tifa

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Old Oct 01, 2008, 02:09 AM // 02:09   #2
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Guild: Order Of The Immortal [Vamp]
Profession: E/Mo

I'll take the Juggernaut for 3k, please.

IGN: Xar Sephtrion
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Old Oct 01, 2008, 03:07 AM // 03:07   #3
Desert Nomad
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EDIT: ty for quick trade

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