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Old Apr 26, 2016, 08:53 PM // 20:53   #1
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Default PC q8 Dead Bow 15^50

Any ideas on what a q8 OS 15^50 Dead Bow (max dmg) could be worth these days?

your wisdom is much appreciated!

EDIT: Ty so much for the answers you guys gave me already <3 helped me a lot :3

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Old Apr 26, 2016, 09:02 PM // 21:02   #2
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i think the last one sold for 1750e? but 1250-2000 is what i would say.
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I think it can get even higher.

I will paraphrase a friend here:

"Whatever X will pay for it, go go go get it X"

Seriously though, its extremely rare, wanted by those who want bows right now for sure, and I think in general the surge of unbanned accs has brought back 10-15 extremely wanted Q815^50 bows, like Eternal, Mursaat a few weeks ago, Storm, etc.

I expect it to get to 2000+ at minimum.

EDIT: RE unbans, Callin, Kush, Kairi (I think) and probably a lot of other people who are back now just got unbanned recently

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Old Apr 26, 2016, 09:21 PM // 21:21   #4
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I suppose I can comment here now. I messaged chijo already.

Basically what I said was that this is an extremely extremely rare bow in q8 15^50. It would compete with naga and bramble bows for the title of best bow. It may be unattainable in that who knows if and when one will ever be for sale again and they don't drop.

I bought the last one that was for sale for 1600e if I recall around a year ago? It was Dealers. Originally he was asking more but lowered the price. Even if someone offered me double what I paid, I wouldn't sell it. I have no plans to sell it.

Before dealer, I barely missed out on Hiros when he sold it to guava. I was very upset at the time because I thought that was gonna be my last chance to ever get one. That was a long time before dealers. They don't come for sale often. I think guava paid around 1000e. But this was years ago.

There is probably 15 or 25 eternal/storm bows that come for sale for every 1 dead.

Coffee man has a customized one. Some of the other fellows here may know another Uncustomized or two? But I don't. Guava?

I didn't know there were unbans recently

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Old Apr 27, 2016, 05:55 AM // 05:55   #5
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I agree with the others that they are very rare. The skin was never super popular. I remember a few floating around long long ago. I don't think I'd say there was "15-25 eternals or storms to one of these" because if anything part of it was those were just desired and dead bows not so much. IMO. These days they are harder to find and the desire has gone up.

I have seen barely any nagas, even now it's rare to see a 15^50 around... and I have barely seen any R8 brambles for sell on here. Both have a far superior skin to most people.

All said with the desire to complete collections I'm sure it would sell for a good amount. 1750e or so sounds fair. Pushing over that is possible but personally think there are rarer items that don't sell that high. Just my personal opinion there. It's always what others will pay :P


I have many nice bows and don't have one - but never really care to get one. I don't own a mursaat either. I generally got items I liked more than just rarity.

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