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Default 19/19 gazing and 20/19 water spirit rod

The discussion on the eternal flame wand got me curious about these

(sorry, yuko. the water spirit is another one that's long gone )



10/10 analogy on the water spirit/ ford pinto. As for the pc I was just curious if the price has changed in the past 4 years, but this is pretty much the exact same if I remember correctly.

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Well i got that water spirit rod. I think its ~100e

Gazing 50-120e (theres atleast one q10 20/20 gazing ive seen)
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Water Spirit Rod; 30-50e (putting aside whatever Pleikki may have paid) horrible skin, arguably the least useful attribute in game, r10. Sorry it just doesn’t have any real desirability.

Gazing Scepter; Agree with Pleikki, 50 -100e. “Fancy”-ish skin, highly desired attribute, r9. People are nuts for Dom these days.

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Is a Water Spirit Rod really any worse of a skin than a regular Water Wand? It's certainly rarer. Had it been 20/20 I'd say it would be worth quite a bit--after all, WSR is the Water analog to Golden Pillar and Dragon's Breath, and those Canthan "base skins" are definitely worth more than their Core counterparts.

That being said, I agree about pricing because nearly everyone I can think of (barring Frozen Ele, Gutemuh) despised Water as an attribute (ignore my slight bias as a fire collector). There's simply little demand for it; and no one I can think of actually like Water Spirit Rod, even though it is in same objective category as Golden Pillars and DBW, both of which are very popular / liked skins. If more people gave a shit about Ele wands (as they seem to do with Monk Wands) then I think the price would be higher, despite the limitations that Oofus mentioned.

As much as some people will say that subjective valuation has no place in PCing, with items like Ele wands which only a few people (three of them in this thread, actually) have interest/collections for, subjective interest is extremely important, as it correlates with demand.

Gazing is in same boat as GP / DBW / WSR, but it has the added benefit of being a more wanted skin, a desirable attribute and a better requirement, which offsets the double 1 offs. I think 100e is possible.


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Originally Posted by expugnare View Post
Is a Water Spirit Rod really any worse of a skin than a regular Water Wand?
Nope, both have the same extrinsic value. I'd PC both skins roughly the same, maybe more for Spirit if actually 20/20 for the non-core aspect. Spirit is not "core", but not a skin I've ever heard anybody say they wish came in a a better attribute cause it rawkz.

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