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Believe what you will. PCs are about giving your opinion, and at the end of the day don't matter a huge amount. No matter how many points of data you have to make a decision, items will always sell based on demand; we can only speculate about it. I disagree with a lot of my guild mates all the time while PCing (there was a 19/19 EF wand I think is worth more than a lot of people I know think); just look through the PC threads and you'll see lots of discussion, disagreement and agreement. I happen to think more voices is usually a good think for something as volatile as pricing, and I disagree with the idea that people in one clan (be it PhD or pPp) mob up with each other to support their clan mates. I mean you could argue that people just mindlessly agree with Pleikki, simply because he does so much PCing and PCes so quickly. Or, as is more likely, it's just a general consensus.

If you looked at old PCs for that same dragon staff we were referencing earlier, and those that came recently, most people didn't expect it to go over 1750. PCs are wrong, often, in fact, but that didn't mean that there is a huge problem of cronyism within the PC community. PHD and PPP members happen to be active and experienced, and handle the majority of PC advising.

As far as acting like they own the place or whatever--eh, think what you want. Don't really care. I probably agree that the one liners and stuff are annoying, but that's stopped for the most part. In addition the whole point of the collections thread is to show off your, and admire other people's, stuff. Let people have their moments of joy. You sound pretty salty if you think being happy about getting an awesome item means people in this guild think they're better than others. Some maybe even do, but branding a group of people holistically reeks to me of saltiness and a narrow mind. I've noticed that that most active posters in MBCollections aren't even PhD members, but Ikki and Emma, both of whom are pretty awesome people. They are still super proud of their collections; what's the difference between them posting their stuff and someone from PhD doing it, the fact that there is the [PhD] tag??

In regards to what Kromp said, I think he was specifically referring to the relatively annoying slogan "this is who we are / this is what we do / this is what we like". Or something of that sort. I haven't seen that on this site in years, but, to be fair my activity has been intermittent.

Tl;dr-- I'm sorry you feel that way about PhD, maybe you're projecting a bit ?


@Cosy/mods-- not really about PC of this staff, but about the role of PCing/PCers in general. Not trying to cause or further drama. If the stuff specifically about PhD is off topic feel free to remove it

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are we there yet?
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yeah...I think this thread is gonna close it now...if you want to flame each other do it someplace where I am not a mod

sorry OP hope you got your price check out of all of this.

where is the 'all you can eat' cookie bar?
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