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Old May 28, 2016, 12:18 AM // 00:18   #1
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Default a few mesmer wands/foci

curious about these buys/chest loot

edit: thanks for pcs on them
I'm customizing wands and keeping the focus anyway. I just wanted more info for buying in the future.

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Dom Wand at least 10e imo. The 10/10 one on guru right now is already getting upwards of 75e bids.

Q10 Cele Scepter are 50e minimum in my opinion...

Effigy is imo worth well over 250e, personally I think it could get to 500e. I sold a Q9 ES, 20 HSR Fire / AR5^50 for like 250e++(sold in package deal with two other offhands for 700e). I know some people say I overprice certain caster things but that is a very, very good item. Talk to Soren on GWG (Aliza Eisrep in game). I'm sure others will be interested as well.

Zod scep I'd merch or try for like 5e.

Q9 Dom Mix Mod is an impossible sell imo. So close to being worth stacks, sigh. I will refrain from PCing it because I don't know enough.


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Old May 28, 2016, 06:48 AM // 06:48   #3
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effigy 100-150e imo.

There been tons offigys on guru with zero offers..

Incld aris had same mods ES Fire one u mentioned for 50e and it took Year get someone bid 50e.. he also had q9 20/10 earth which took year get 250e..

Finding the buyers is hard, if u rly find buyer for it then i think u can get that 100-150e, or even more as expugnare got for hes items.

But finding the buyers is rly though thesedays

others agreed, well q10 cele scepter maybe up to 100e

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