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Default Skill checklist

After searching for a complete skill checklist and finding nothing, I decided to make one. This checklist is intended to be only a simple, low-tech means by which to record skills unlocked on an account and/or skills learned by a character. I wanted something clean, compact and well-organized.

I utilized skill information from the official wiki to assemble the checklist. If they got something wrong, I probably did too. I’ve not played the game long enough to be able to independently verify each skill name, spelling, campaign, etc. The checklist is organized by profession and campaign/expansion, with skills listed alphabetically. Elite skills possess a shaded background (which prints well in grayscale). If any errors, inconsistencies, etc, are spotted, please post such findings here and I’ll correct them.

Feel free to redistribute the checklist as desired. I don’t care about receiving credit, just don't claim the work as your own. The more people it helps, the better. If you wish to take my base spreadsheet and improve upon it or add more information, by all means, knock yourself out.

Excel | PDF*

*Thanks to KMVRanger for merging my separate PDF documents into one file.

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Great, thanks I needed this A couple friends also needed a checklist, so you've helped a few people already
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