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Default Guide: Death Leveling a Pet (PRE-SEARING)

************************************************** ********
1. What?
2. Why?
3. How?
3a. Where?
5. FAQ

************************************************** ********

1. What is death leveling a pet?

Death leveling is a process in which a human player lets an enemy repeatedly kill them. This actually gives the enemies experience, causing them to level up. People usually use this process to gain levels of charr and then to kill them for exp. We, however, are going to learn about leveling up a pet.

2. Why would anyone want to death level a pet?

A high-level pet can be an amazing ally. It not only deals a nice bit of damage, but it also helps with pulling, and servers as an amazing tank. It tanks for not just casters/rangers, but also warrior who can send their pet in first to take hexes and the start of damage. Having a high level pet can make the pre searing a breeze and be a great charr hunter partner.

3. How does one go about death leveling a pet? Where should i do it?

Death leveling may seem easy, just going to a shrine with a pet and letting it kill you, but really its not. You need to know how to position, where to pull them, if its a good spawn or not.

First, i am going to show you the easiest method:

Go to barridens estate. You will need to keep re-zoning until you have a good spawn. You want to find a spawn where a strider is close to the res shrine, and preferably a moss spider or other enemy too.

This is an example of a bad spawn:

As you can see the nearest strider is way in the distance and there are no spiders in the area. This is not good.

This is a good spawn:

As you can see, the strider is very close to the res shrine AND we have a spider.

Now attack the strider and spider and move to the res shrine like shown.

Take off All your armor/weps.

Now you simply wait as you die over and over and over again. In a while youll have a high level pet.

Simply cap it:

To greatly speed up the long process of leveling the pet, you can help it get to level 5 or so, depending on your patience. Simpley keep frenzy up and cast heal sig. Before heal sig is finished hit the Escape key. Try to time your heal sig with the striders attack. This makes it extremely fast. I highly recommend doing this untill the pet is level around 4-5.

What also helps is just simply tapping the 1 key(frenzy). If you can multi task and watch a movie and tap 1 at the same or time or something, the process will be much much faster. If you can't don't worry, it will just take longer.

The Second place you can death level a pet is much harder but some choose to still do it.

Firstly, go outside of Ascalon. Find Gwen, she is what makes this death level possible. Tell her to follow you and then walk to the res shrin outside of Ashford Abbey. Pick up a strider or 2 on the way.

Now the tricky part. Once at the shrine, you need to position Gwen carefully. The idea is to stop her in the path of the striders so they can't run away after killing you.(Click on her again to make her stop moving)

A strider trys to run away, but is blocked by big fat Gwen:

Use the same tactics as above, take of clothes, frenzy etc.

4. On what level should one death level a pet?

Ok heres the kicker:

********* READ THIS NOTE: ************

Enemies work the same way as humans when gaining experience. A level 20 human cannot kill a level 1 monster and gain experience. As such, the same applys for enemies.

You can only level a pet 6 levels more than yours. So if you death level the pet at level 1, the highest it can get is level 7.

So when should someone death level their pet?

If you are going to just play pre as it should be and leave around levels 8-10, then i suggest to deaht level the pet on level 2-3. This way you will get a nice
strong ally to help you with your leveling and quests.

If you are going for Legendary Defender of Ascalon, there is debate on what level to do it at. I personally suggest to do it between levels 8-10. This way you get a pet to help you solo char hunt. If you wait untill level 12-14, you get a higher level pet, but you have less time to use it. I find it more useful for charr hunting when you are on a lower level.

Although, pets can always gain after you death level them, and you can abadon your pet and re-death level it.

Finally, once you have your well earned animal companion go test him out.

~~~~~~~ ENJOY!!!! ~~~~~~~

5. Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does it typically take to death level a pet?

It all depends on the level you are. It took me 9 hours to level my pet to 14(i was 8). However, i frenzy+heal sig spammed until level 7.

It is possible to "re-death level" a pet?

Well, yes and no. Technically, it won't be the same pet, but you can on a later level, death level a new pet to a higher level. Simply go to Regent Valley and give your current pet to the tamer. Then death level again. I re-death leveled my pet again on level 12.

Can a bear be death leveled?

Yes, but if you read guides on bears you will find a theory that there a diff types of bears and only 1 can be charmed. So you would have to charm like normal, but right before you charm it press esc. Then you will know its a good bear type. Also need another person who is willing to go afk for a while.

Can pets be level past level 20?

No, so death leveling on level 17+ is kinda stupid.

Can pets be bad?

Definatly, if not used properly. If you dont set them to right settings, they can mess up your pulling and spread enemies(bad for eles). However most of the time they are an amazing help, especially when you know how to use them right.

************************************************** ********


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very good information
Vist my user page at the offical wiki!
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I have to ask, why would you spend 9 hours leveling a pet to 14? You could be 15+ in that amount of time
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Originally Posted by Goblinmatt
I have to ask, why would you spend 9 hours leveling a pet to 14? You could be 15+ in that amount of time
1. It definatly couldnt be level 15+ in 9 hours. I did 13 hours are char runs with my level 12 pet and it never grew a single level.

2. Your not sitting at your keyboard for 9 hours. This is something that takes a couple minutes to set up, then you go sleep or w/e and come back to a free, high level pet.
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good guide might just make a char so i can do it? does this by any chance speed up Ldoa?
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