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Old Sep 12, 2008, 01:58 PM // 13:58   #21
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Bump for exposure, and to get more people to play Sealed Deck on Saturday! This is the thread to post in if you want to come. If we don't know you, some general info like how much pvp experience you have, and ingame name (important!) is useful. On the off-chance that we get more than 16, thread-posters will be given priority. You can still whisper me in game if you're too lazy to post, or can't get the kiSu forums working, and you'll be invited if there are less than 16 and kept in mind for later when people start to leave if there are more than 16.

Times in first post are correct. Noon PDT = 3pm EDT = 7pm GMT = 9pm CEST. See you there!


(edit: awesome to be on top of new page. Should help exposure somewhat.
Also, love the sort by profession function )

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If we're not gvging i'll be sure to come, and the new sort by proffesion feature is awesome. Btw is it meant to be that you can be dealt 2 of the same skills on 1 bar?
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Old Sep 13, 2008, 05:16 PM // 17:16   #23
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GJ kiSu! Hope things are going well for you all. I'll have to stop by one of these Saturdays for a match or two.
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