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Thanks, ill take a look.
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Old Apr 21, 2009, 04:32 PM // 16:32   #42
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Wow i love this guide. Thanks to the OP for creating it, it has helped me setup a perfect second run (first run didnt go that well). Those brush and hill thingies are real clever. Also, thanks to that guy who gave me the solo build link, it works a treat.
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Old Apr 22, 2009, 03:50 PM // 15:50   #43
Jungle Guide
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Originally Posted by Burning Freebies View Post
Wow i love this guide. Thanks to the OP for creating it, it has helped me setup a perfect second run (first run didnt go that well). Those brush and hill thingies are real clever. Also, thanks to that guy who gave me the solo build link, it works a treat.
Your Welcome! Glad it helped you out
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Old Apr 26, 2009, 06:09 PM // 18:09   #44
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Nice guide! Sure wish I'd seen it before going thru and taking the slow learning curve of trial and error.

A few suggestions tho

1. Use a flatbow. The longer flight time gives you a little more room for errors and if low on health it can be critical.
2. Don't pull groups with 2 Shamans. You need to kill them before they level or you can wind up with a group that just can't be killed...very very hard at low levels. ( I started at level 9 ..end of day and bedtiime pull to a nice/leveled group in the morning).
3. check out the groups before pulling. If to many groups have double Shamans it will result in a bunch of Charr groups of 2. ( The leveling points go primarily to the first/dominant group. If the pulls map out and hope for a better set of groups next time.
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Old Apr 30, 2009, 07:29 PM // 19:29   #45
Krytan Explorer
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Yay, success-i Managed to get a 2 group setup in 24 mins with a lvl 15 character! Here are a few things i want to add:

*Be careful with AoE damage if killing the shamans, as it can kill off close by charr, escpecially the melee charr.
*Dont kill charr that dont level. When your charr that are levelling reach your desired level to kill them at, kill one, which will reset the AI, and should shift some exp to the other stubborn charr
*Run round to the back of the shrine to the wall to keep the charr as close to the shrine as possible so you dont have to move far to kill them.
*Shift to no weapon, or a weapon that doesnt improve armour of health when in the death section
*Find the charr that lingers behind, or is closest to you when they stop to start walking. Then shoot the arrow at then. This ensures you dont aggro charr to get to one to shoot, which ruins the pulling process
*If you cant make the run from the brush to the sandpit, then try to get that charr close to the curved wall, as the stick to this
*The groups seem to merge into one big group at the sandpit, so you only need to aggro one charr to set the whole group to target you when pulling to the res shrine. This sometimes happens when bringing the hill group to the brush group
*Kill shamans! It has been mentioned before, and it is necessary. They leech exp, which they need more of to level properly, and im convinced that they heal better as they level (more attribute points spent?). Dont use AoE damage as it can kill other nearby charr

Hope these tips help. Thanks to the OP and Tullzinski again for the help.
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Old May 29, 2009, 12:36 AM // 00:36   #46
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Wink Death leveling with a pet, seconds chances, charr holding points...

First thanks for the guide, Holy Warblade!! I had read that only experts could death level with charr, and that it was terribly difficult, but with your guide it was not hard to master, even at 13.

Anyways, here are a few things I learned:

NOTE 1: You CAN death level with your pet with the enhanced pet controls. The pet sometimes does make pulling harder. I turn my pet on aggressive and send her into the charr boss pit unaided to kill her, then pull the charr by myself.

At least for a naked mesmer, killing the pet does not increase your death time. They all target me first, as my pet is hardier than me. Then they focus on the pet while the resurrect timer counts down. So her death is not taking any time that is not already being taken by the resurrect timer.

It is very important to set the pet on heel before you go afk. If the pet is on guard or target/aggressive, it can start killing off charr. I started DL-ing with a level 13 pet and it was able to kill off 5 axe fiends and blades by itself in about 30 minutes with no help from me (the shamans were dead so the still-level-8 charr could not heal between resurrects).

NOTE 2: You can also store a group of charr to the left/northwest of the wall beneath the little house, as if you are headed to the lake to get Ben Wolfson. This is useful to choose which charr you bring to the brush first. Why does that matter? Read on.

To get the charr to aggro as a supergroup they must be close together. If they are strung out across the path from the brush to the little house, they might not all aggro with you when you run to the sandlot. Someone else pointed out that they aggro as a supergroup from the sandlot; they also aggro as a supergroup from the brush IF THEY ARE CLOSE ENOUGH!! This makes the run to the sandlot less risky because you can stay as close to the sandlot as possible, shoot an arrow at the charr closest to the sandlot, and be confident that the whole group will aggro.

To get them all in a tight knit super group I have had to condense them by running down the path from the house to the brush several times. Spellcasters and hunters can stubbornly refuse to budge from their cozy spot at the northern end of the path. Axe Fiends and Blades, on the other hand, follow easily and aggroing them within the super group will also pull the spellcasters of their original group. If you can get the blades and axe fiends into the supergroup, you don't have to worry if their spellcasters are hanging back. So it is best to get groups with spellcasters and hunters to the brush FIRST, then bring groups with axe fiends and blades which are easier to condense towards the brush.

This is where my additional charr storage point is helpful. Usually the patrol in front of the charr shrine has an axe fiend or blade in it, but it is hard to save this group for last by trying to pull other groups around it. So I pull this first group to the northwest path (the Ben Wolfson path), not to the brush. Then I find the first group that I want to pull with no axe fiends or blades, and bring them to the brush. If there is a second group with no axe fiends or blades I pull them to the little house, then to the brush as described and condense as necessary. You can pull multiple axe fiend/blade groups to the Ben Wolfson path if you need to make room for more, but usually the 7th patrol and the patrol behind the charr shrine have at least one blade or axe fiend, and it is easy to save those two patrols for last, so this has not yet been necessary for me.

NOTE 3: If you FAIL to pull the whole supergroup to the sandlot, you have one freebie chance to get the stragglers. When you pull the supergroup from the sandlot to the rez shrine and they target the Ascalonian rangers and monk, they ignore you. So run around the shrine and then head straight back out to a safe area. Assess the new positions of the escaped charr and pull them to the sandlot. Be careful; you have only one shot to lure them to the sandlot because if you die before you get them there, you go back to the rez shrine and this time the supergroup, by now finished with the Ascalonians, will target you, so you cannot leave the shrine area again to try for the stragglers without risking releasing the super group to try to walk back.

From the shrine you have a few seconds of invincibility. If there are still some charr at the sandlot or along the wall behind the sandlot, you can go get them. There is no risk in this because any charr that follow you will still get stuck between the sandlot and the shrine, easily lured back to the shrine at the next invincibility period.

If you have a pet, it is possible to get more chances to re-lure escaped charr. Set the pet on aggressive, select a charr and press space as soon as you rez and then run away from the shrine towards the sandlot to break aggro while they converge on your pet. Keep running, but don't go too far past the sandlot until your pet is dead and you are SURE you have truly broken aggro. But really, it is best if you just get the whole supergroup on the first try or resign yourself to the fact that you lost a group. If you plan on using this technique you can practice it with the charr at the charr shrine to see how far away you need to be to break aggro, but not pull the pet away from the target charr.

With these additional tactics in my tool bag I have successfully pulled 6 groups to the shrine using Holy Warblade's guide. I am still pretty slow and at level 13 I don't have a lot of survivability during pulling, condensing, and of course killing the stationary charr that block access to the patrols, but I am getting better every time.

I am still waiting for someone to clue me in on how to get that first group (patrolling from the front of the ruins south to the hill) to stay put once lured, lol.

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