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Post nS is Providing Free Guild Forum Hosting

The No Sleep No Surrender forum board is now providing hosting to Guild Wars guilds who need a place to run their discussions. This hosting is free from charges or online advertisements.

What can your guild do with a forum?
Write match reports.
Discuss builds and develop teams together.
Archive happenings in your alliance.
Vote on issues or changes.
Plan guild events.
Post screenshots, movies, and ventrilo recordings.

Forum features
Guild Wars BBCode for posting builds.
Private messages.
Privacy options.
Posting images, and Flash.

You can check out the board here:

Users must register and apply for hosting in the Applications forum. The terms and details are echoed here:

You may apply to be granted your own guild section on the nS boards. A new area containing several subforums will be created for your guild if your application is approved. A new board group will be created to identify your guild members, and you will be given control of adding/removing people from that group.

The guild leader or an officer is required to be the person submitting the application. If approved, the account that posted the application will be granted moderator privileges over the guild section, as well as control of the guild forum group.

Some information you should provide:
1. Who you are, and what guild you represent.
2. What the main purpose of your guild is, and why you want a forum.
3. How private you want your forum. See below.
3. How many forums you want in your section.
3. The titles (and possibly the taglines) of the forums you want.

You may select to restrict access to your board to only your guild members.
You can also chose to allow your guild section to be viewable by anyone, but forbid posting to only your guildies.
Or, you can allow anyone to view or post in your guild forum.
The nS administrator (Karew) can always see you forum, however.

In addition, you agree to acknoledge the following guidelines:
1. You will take a civil role when using these boards. Guilds found to be rude, slandering, or spamming other users will have their entire group kicked and their forums deleted.
2. You must actively use your forums. If your board goes without a post for 30 days, it will be locked, and then deleted 10 days later if no one PMs Karew.
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