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Default NEW Guild Wars focused social network

Me and my friends have built a website as well that is a social network for people that play GW. The URL is It is free to use and tons of fun. We are looking for people to try it out and give us more feedback.

You can list your guild or alliance, put up photos, connect with friends and do anything you think you can do on facebook. Current features include messaging, Guild and Alliance sites, ability to list the missions you have completed, plan in game events, RSS feeds, photo galleries and alot of other stuff. We are adding alot more features in the coming weeks.

One thing coming in the next week or so on the site is our Uberleague where we will be hosting a league similar to those in basketball and football that people can signup for and get real world prizes. The matches will be structured like Guild Battles and be held once a week.

Other cool things coming soon are a bank feature, the ability to rent Ventrillo Servers, and even a party planning tool and anything else people think they want.

The whole site is run by longtime GW players and we really do listen to our users. Most of these new changes rolling out come from players. And if you like to build things on the web we are days away from being able to release our APPLICATION building system, that will allow users to build there own apps that we will release on our approval (mainly checking for viruses and hacks)

The site is VERY NEW so not that many users. But please feel free to try and tell us how you like it and things you would like to see added. Again the entire site is free and we never plan on charging people to use it. The whole goal was to give players a way to connect and have fun.
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