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Originally Posted by Sankt Hallvard View Post
While I respect the dedication and effort you guys put into this prestiguous title (it may in fact be the greatest achievement most of you will attain in life) I can't help noticing how this title negatively affects energy conservation by having thousands of young boys leaving their computers on at night. Would the energy spent add up to providing an african village with year-round electricity?
Condescending much?
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Originally Posted by Shady Guy View Post
Ok kunder, as stated I did not do the multiple sessions in one day method, but here is a very rough reason on why it gets you there faster. Assuming you are level 18:

5 groups of charr means about 15 charr. These will not level evenly, so the last group of 3 charr will contribute usually 100 xp or under. For killing all charr you will receive on your good days maybe 2000 xp. This will also likely take 24 hours or more. 3 groups of charr at 4 charr each will give you 1200 xp per session, so two sessions per day means more total gain. I don't advise it though unless you disconnect frequently because the extra work is a pain. If you want to get more exact figures and run tests I am sure this would be a useful tool for death levelers, but it boils down to getting multiple smaller groups of xp that add up to more instead of one large amount of xp one time.
You are making up tons of numbers here that are completely unfeasible. The upper limit on making XP that I calculated above is 1498 < x < 1867 XP per day, and thats for level 17. For level 18 its even worse as 1355< x < 1670. These are ideal leveling rates not taking into account wasted time rezoning and pulling charr (which will end up being slightly worse for your method than mine). Furthermore you aren't even using my method right. You don't kill all charr at once, you kill the first group that reaches your level ASAP, which then lets the rest of them level faster, etc etc.

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Originally Posted by Shady Guy View Post
Numbers not made up, but for ones like 2000 I gave a high ideal which would almost never happen. The absolute highest that could happen at level 18 from a single session is 2448 xp, but no this would never happen because it means killing 18 charr all at level 20. As for me not using your method right... what? I am not using your method at all. I have not discussed what you might do, I suggested two possible ways that do or do not apply to you at your choosing. I did not kill all charr at once, I killed them as one group reached high level, then I waited, killed next group, then next group, and so on.

So 2000 xp for one session: yes this is too high, I said it to make the point but it is possible. 5 groups leveling as high as practical takes 24 hours or more: do you disagree with this one? Several possible setups take the full day or over. 1200 xp per session: 3 groups of charr, 4 charr in each group means 12 charr. you get 100 xp at level 18 for killing level 18 charr. 100x12=1200. Does this assume you have three groups of charr that had low shaman and balanced correctly, yes. But it is still a very real, not made up number.
No, your numbers are completely made up. I specifically asked for people with hard numbers as to the optimally efficient death leveling method. Everything you have posted is 100% useless. Present hard facts that rely on evidence rather than wild guesses please.
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